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ISLAMIC, adjective. Of, pertaining to, originating in, characteristic of, or deriving from Muslims or Islam.
ISLĀMIC, adjective. Alternative spelling of Islamic
ISLAMIC CALENDAR, proper noun. A calendar system deviding the year into twelve months.
ISLAMIC FASCISM, noun. A putatively Islamic form of fascism or authoritarianism; a Muslim theocracy.
ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM, proper noun. A movement towards an Islamic conservatism, with literal and traditional interpretations of their sacred texts. It is often used to describe Muslim groups that advocate the replacement of secular state laws with Islamic law, or Shari'a.
ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF AFGHANISTAN, proper noun. The official name of Afghanistan
ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN, proper noun. Full, official name of Iran
ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF MAURITANIA, proper noun. Official name of Mauritania.
ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN, proper noun. The official name of Pakistan.
ISLAMIC STATE, proper noun. A Sunni jihadist group active in Libya, Nigeria, Iraq and Syria, where it has proclaimed an (unrecognized) state.
ISLAMIC STATE, proper noun. The caliphate proclaimed by this group.

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ISLAMIC, adjective. Of or relating to or supporting Islamism; "Islamic art".

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