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JEWISH, adjective. Being a Jew, or relating to Jews, their ethnicity, religion or culture.
JEWISH, adjective. Yiddish
JEWISH, proper noun. (informal) (dated) The Yiddish language.
JEWISH ALPS, proper noun. The Borscht Belt.
JEWISH AUTONOMOUS OBLAST, proper noun. An Autonomous Oblast in the far East of Russia.
JEWISH CALENDAR, proper noun. (religion) (Jewish) The annual calendar used in Judaism. It determines the Jewish holidays, which Torah portions to read, Yahrzeits, and which set of Psalms should be read each day.
JEWISH LIGHTNING, noun. (offensive) Supposed cause of a fire which is in fact deliberately lit by the property owner in order to benefit from insurance or similar such as destruction of documents.
JEWISH NOSE, noun. (informal) (derogotary) A long, narrow and pointy nose
JEWISH NOSES, noun. Plural of Jewish nose
JEWISH PIANO, noun. (slang) (offensive) A cash register.
JEWISH PIANOS, noun. Plural of Jewish piano
JEWISH QUESTION, proper noun. (now historical) The question of and debate over the appropriate status and treatment of Jews in society, particularly in Europe.
JEWISH QUESTION, proper noun. Alternative letter-case form of Jewish Question
JEWISH TAX, noun. Fees incurred in order for a food or other consumable goods producer or manufacturer to acquire certification from any of a number of Rabbinical Agencies that a product is considered kosher.
JEWISH TAX, noun. Any of the taxes levied on items of Jewish religious observance, on individual Jews, or on a Jewish community.
JEWISH TAXES, noun. Plural of Jewish tax

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JEWISH, adjective. Of or relating to Jews or their culture or religion; "He is Jewish"; "a Jewish wedding".

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