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ISRAEL, proper noun. The State of Israel, a modern country in the Middle East, at the eastern shore of the Mediterranean.
ISRAEL, proper noun. The Land of Israel, a region that is roughly coextensive with the State of Israel.
ISRAEL, proper noun. (historical) A nation that occupied roughly the same area in ancient times.
ISRAEL, proper noun. (historical) An ancient kingdom that occupied the northern part of this area, as distinct from Judah.
ISRAEL, proper noun. The Jews, taken collectively.
ISRAEL, proper noun. A male given name, notably borne by Jacob (after Genesis 32:28).
ISRAEL FIRSTER, noun. (derogatory) A non-Israeli who is obsequiously servile to pro-Israel lobbyists or Zionist advocacy groups.
ISRAEL FIRSTERS, noun. Plural of Israel firster
ISRAEL ISRAELI, proper noun. A placeholder name used in Israel for a person whose identity is not known, in the same way as John Doe in the United States and Joe Bloggs in the United Kingdom.

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ISRAEL, noun. Jewish republic in southwestern Asia at eastern end of Mediterranean; formerly part of Palestine.
ISRAEL, noun. An ancient kingdom of the Hebrew tribes at the southeastern end of the Mediterranean Sea; founded by Saul around 1025 BC and destroyed by the Assyrians in 721 BC.

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