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ARYAN, noun. (theosophy) (Germanic mysticism) (Nazism) A member of an alleged master race with no fixed definition, comprising people of Germanic descent (in the narrowest sense), or all non-Jewish Caucasians (in the broadest sense)
ARYAN, noun. (Nazi or white supremacist ideology) (informal) A person of Caucasian ethnicity; a white non-Jew.
ARYAN, noun. (chiefly US) (informal) (euphemistic) A Caucasian racist, often one who is an Aryan in the first sense.
ARYAN, noun. (dated) An Indo-European, a Proto-Indo-European.
ARYAN, noun. (dated) An Indo-Iranian.
ARYAN, noun. (ethnography) (obsolete) A subdivision of the Caucasian race, which comprised the Aryans, the Semites, and the Hamites, or the accompanying linguistic subdivision.
ARYAN, adjective. Pertaining, in racial theories, to the (alleged) Aryan master race.
ARYAN, adjective. (neo-Nazi or white supremacist ideology) (informal) Pertaining to the Caucasian ethnicity.
ARYAN, adjective. (US) (informal) (euphemistic) Pertaining to Caucasian racists or their organisations, theories, etc.
ARYAN, adjective. Of or pertaining to Indo-Iranian peoples, cultures, and languages.
ARYAN, adjective. (dated) Of or pertaining to Indo-European peoples, cultures and languages.
ARYAN, proper noun. The language of the original Aryans.

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ARYAN, noun. (according to Nazi doctrine) a Caucasian person of Nordic descent (and not a Jew).
ARYAN, noun. A member of the prehistoric people who spoke Proto-Indo European.
ARYAN, adjective. Of or relating to the former Indo-European people; "Indo-European migrations".

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