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LINGUISTIC, adjective. Of or relating to language.
LINGUISTIC, adjective. Of or relating to linguistics.
LINGUISTIC, adjective. (computing) Relating to a computer language.
LINGUISTIC IMBALANCE, noun. Levels of official use or representation of languages that are perceived not to reflect their use in the population
LINGUISTIC IMBALANCE, noun. (linguistics) differential in skills of a polyglot among the languages they know
LINGUISTIC IMBALANCE, noun. Use of terminology in a language that treats different social categories (such as gender) unequally
LINGUISTIC TURN, noun. (philosophy) The shift which occurred in philosophical attention, during the 20th century and within a number of philosophical schools of thought, from traditional themes of metaphysics and epistemology to a focus on the structure and usage of language and the relation of language to human understanding of those traditional themes.

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LINGUISTIC, adjective. Consisting of or related to language; "linguistic behavior"; "a linguistic atlas"; "lingual diversity".
LINGUISTIC, adjective. Of or relating to the scientific study of language; "linguistic theory".

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