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CREOLE, noun. (linguistics) A lect formed from two or more languages which has developed from a pidgin to become a first language.
CREOLE, noun. A descendant of white European settlers who is born in a colonized country. [from 17th c.]
CREOLE, noun. Anyone with mixed ancestry born in a country colonized by white Europeans, now especially one who speaks a creole language. [from 18th c.]
CREOLE, noun. Someone of black African descent who is born in the Caribbean or Americas (originally as opposed to an African immigrant). [from 18th c.]
CREOLE, adjective. Pertaining to or characteristic of someone who is a Creole. [from 18th c.]
CREOLE, adjective. (of a person) That is a Creole; especially, born in a colonized country different from that of his or her ancestors. [from 18th c.]
CREOLE, adjective. Designating a creolized language. [from 18th c.]
CREOLE, adjective. (cookery) Prepared according to a cooking style developed in a Creole area, now especially that of Louisiana, characterised by a mixture of European and African influences. [from 19th c.]
CREOLE, proper noun. Any specific creole language, especially that of Haiti. [from 18th c.]
CREOLE CREAM CHEESE, noun. A form of farmer cheese, traditional in the New Orleans area.
CREOLE STATE, proper noun. Louisiana

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CREOLE, noun. A person of European descent born in the West Indies or Latin America.
CREOLE, noun. A person descended from French ancestors in southern United States (especially Louisiana).
CREOLE, noun. A mother tongue that originates from contact between two languages.
CREOLE, adjective. Of or relating to a language that arises from contact between two other languages and has features of both; "Creole grammars".
CREOLE, adjective. Of or relating to or characteristic of native-born persons of French descent in Louisiana; "Creole cooking".

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