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DUTCH, adjective. (obsolete) (except in set terms) German.
DUTCH, adjective. (archaic) Pertaining to the Dutch, the Germans, and the Goths; Germanic, Teutonic.
DUTCH, adjective. Of or pertaining to the Netherlands, the Dutch people or the Dutch language.
DUTCH, adjective. (obsolete outside certain fixed expressions) (now) (offensive) Substitute, inferior, ersatz (as seen in expressions such as Dutch courage, Dutch treat, Dutch oven, and Dutch comfort).
DUTCH, adjective. In a shared manner; of a shared expense. (See Dutch treat; compare go Dutch.)
DUTCH, proper noun. The main language of the Netherlands and Flanders (i.e., the northern half of Belgium).
DUTCH, proper noun. (obsolete) German; the main language of the Holy Roman Empire (Germany, Austria, Alsace, Luxembourg).
DUTCH, proper noun. (collective) The people of the Netherlands.
DUTCH, noun. (slang) wife
DUTCH ACT, noun. (idiomatic) (slang) Suicide.
DUTCH ANGLE, noun. (film): A cinematic tactic achieved by tilting the camera off to the side. The shot is composed with the horizon not parallel with the bottom of the frame. The technique is often used to portray the psychological uneasiness of the subject being filmed.
DUTCH ANGLES, noun. Plural of Dutch angle
DUTCH ARROW, noun. A Swiss arrow
DUTCH ARROWS, noun. Plural of Dutch arrow
DUTCH AUCTION, noun. An auction where many of the same item are sold.
DUTCH AUCTION, noun. A reverse auction that starts at a high price that is gradually reduced by the auctioneer until someone is willing to buy
DUTCH AUCTIONS, noun. Plural of Dutch auction
DUTCH BOOK, noun. A set of trades or bets such that, regardless of the outcome of events, one party strictly profits and another strictly loses.
DUTCH CAP, noun. A type of woman's cap with triangular turn back at each side. The style is particularly associated with Dutch traditional costume.
DUTCH CAP, noun. An intra-vaginal contraceptive device, also known as a cervical cap or diaphragm.
DUTCH CAPS, noun. Plural of Dutch cap
DUTCH CHEESE, noun. (US) cottage cheese
DUTCH CLINKER, noun. A kind of brick made in Holland. It is yellowish, very hard, and long and narrow in shape.
DUTCH CLOVER, noun. Common English name for Trifolium repens, an important fodder plant also called white clover.
DUTCH COMFORT, noun. Comfort derived from a situation not being any worse than it is.
DUTCH COMFORTS, noun. Plural of Dutch comfort
DUTCH CONCERT, noun. (slang) A so-called concert in which all the singers sing different songs at the same time.
DUTCH CONCERTS, noun. Plural of Dutch concert
DUTCH CORNER, noun. (masonry) Laying bricks with a three-quarter brick closure at the corner.
DUTCH COURAGE, noun. (idiomatic) The courage or bravado induced by alcohol; pot-valiancy.
DUTCH COURAGE, noun. (idiomatic) An alcoholic drink, taken to bolster one's courage.
DUTCH DISEASE, noun. (economics) An increase in the value derived from the natural resources sector of the economy, leading to a rise in the valuation of the currency increasingly based on the natural resources sector, causes a deterioration in the manufacturing sector, by making the manufactured goods less competitive in the export marketplace compared to those manufactured by economies with lower valuation currencies, because they are relatively more expensive.
DUTCH DOOR, noun. A door that is divided into two horizontally such that either part (or usually just the upper part) may be opened independently of the other.
DUTCH DOORS, noun. Plural of Dutch door
DUTCH EAST INDIES, proper noun. A former Dutch colony in modern-day Indonesia.
DUTCH ELM DISEASE, proper noun. A disease of elm trees caused by an Ascomycete fungus and spread by bark beetles.
DUTCH GOLD, noun. Dutch metal.
DUTCH GUIANA, proper noun. (historical) A colonial era name of Suriname.
DUTCH HAND, noun. A butter pat, being a wooden paddle used to press butter when making it at home. Usually two are used and hence usually in the plural hands.
DUTCH HANDS, noun. Plural of Dutch hand
DUTCH HOE, noun. (UK) A hoe, consisting of a loop of metal, that can be pushed or pulled for weeding.
DUTCH HOES, noun. Plural of Dutch hoe
DUTCH LIMBURG, proper noun. The roughly northeastern part of the Benelux region of Limburg (speaking Dutch and two groups of its dialects; not to be geographically confused with historical political entities), which belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, where it is administratively designated as the provincie (province) Limburg, as opposed to Belgian Limburg, which is part of Flanders region (northern Belgium), confusingly under the same administrative designation
DUTCH LIQUID, noun. (organic compound) (archaic) (An impure form of) dichloroethane
DUTCH LOAF, noun. (US) A luncheon meat made from spiced coarse-ground lean pork and beef formed into a loaf shape and smoked.
DUTCH LOAVES, noun. Plural of Dutch loaf
DUTCH LOW SAXON, proper noun. A non-standardized cluster of regional dialects of Low Saxon (Low German), influenced by Dutch, spoken in the northeastern provinces of the Netherlands, and recognized as a minority language by the European Union.
DUTCH METAL, noun. A form of brass, being an alloy of about 80% copper and 20% zinc, produced in thin sheets and used to make cheap jewelry
DUTCH NEW GUINEA, proper noun. (historical) The former name of Western New Guinea from 1945 to 1962, when it was under Dutch rule.
DUTCH NIGHTINGALE, noun. (dated) A frog.
DUTCH NIGHTINGALES, noun. Plural of Dutch nightingale
DUTCH OVEN, noun. A large metal cooking pot with a tight-fitting lid
DUTCH OVEN, noun. A portable oven consisting of a metal box, with shelves, placed before an open fire
DUTCH OVEN, noun. (rail transport) a protective cover for electrical contacts on a railway coupler. Particularly but not exclusively used on the London Underground
DUTCH OVEN, noun. A prank in which one farts in bed and pulls the bedclothes over one's bed-mate's head
DUTCH OVEN, noun. A room full of marijuana smoke
DUTCH OVEN, noun. The very end of a Dutch Masters cigar that has been rerolled with marijuana. This usage of the term is said to originate in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
DUTCH OVENS, noun. Plural of Dutch oven
DUTCH PINK, noun. A yellow lake pigment.
DUTCH PINK, noun. (slang) Blood.
DUTCH RECKONING, noun. (idiomatic) (uncommon) (1811) (possibly offensive) A (falsified) bill that is not itemised, and that is unjustifiably high.
DUTCH RECKONING, noun. (nautical) (possibly offensive) A false or incorrect reckoning of position.
DUTCH RECKONING, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see Dutch,‎ reckoning.
DUTCH RUB, noun. (slang) An act of roughly rubbing one's knuckles across the top of another person's head with the intent of causing pain, often while pinning the other person's head with one's free arm.
DUTCH SANDWICH, noun. (finance) A form of tax avoidance, based on the Double Irish arrangement, in which revenues from income of sales of the products shipped by the second Irish company are first booked by a shell company in the Netherlands, taking advantage of generous tax laws there.
DUTCH SANDWICHES, noun. Plural of Dutch sandwich
DUTCH SIGN LANGUAGE, proper noun. The sign language used by the deaf community of the Netherlands.
DUTCH TILE, noun. A glazed and painted ornamental tile, formerly much exported, and used in the jambs of chimneys etc.
DUTCH TILT, noun. (film): A cinematic tactic achieved by tilting the camera off to the side. The shot is composed with the horizon not parallel with the bottom of the frame. The technique is often used to portray the psychological uneasiness of the subject being filmed.
DUTCH TILTS, noun. Plural of Dutch tilt
DUTCH TIME, proper noun. Amsterdam Time
DUTCH TREAT, noun. An occasion, such as a restaurant visit, in which everyone pays the bill for their own expenses.
DUTCH TREATS, noun. Plural of Dutch treat
DUTCH UNCLE, noun. One who reproves in a blunt, stern manner intended for the benefit of the recipient.
DUTCH UNCLES, noun. Plural of Dutch uncle
DUTCH WEST INDIES, proper noun. The Netherlands Antilles
DUTCH WIFE, noun. A long body-length pillow that can be held or wrapped around one's body while sleeping
DUTCH WIFE, noun. In East Asia and Southeast Asia, a wicker or bamboo tube the size of a person for use in the bed. In the summer heat, the open bamboo structure is cooler than fabric pillows or sheets. The Dutch wife is embraced by the user, exposing the maximum amount of the body to cooling breezes.
DUTCH WIVES, noun. Plural of Dutch wife

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DUTCH, noun. The people of the Netherlands; "the Dutch are famous for their tulips".
DUTCH, noun. The West Germanic language of the Netherlands.
DUTCH, adjective. Of or relating to the Netherlands or its people or culture; "Dutch painting"; "Dutch painters".

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