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FRENCH, proper noun. A Romance language spoken primarily in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, Valle d'Aosta and many former French colonies.
FRENCH, proper noun. A surname​.
FRENCH, noun. (collective in the plural) People of France, collectively.
FRENCH, noun. (informal) Vulgar language.
FRENCH, adjective. Of or relating to France.
FRENCH, adjective. Of or relating to the people or culture of France.
FRENCH, adjective. Of or relating to the French language.
FRENCH, verb. Alternative letter-case form of french
FRENCH, verb. (transitive) To prepare food by cutting it into strips.
FRENCH, verb. (transitive) To kiss (another person) while inserting one’s tongue into the other person's mouth.
FRENCH, verb. (intransitive) To kiss in this manner.
FRENCH AND IROQUOIS WARS, proper noun. Beaver Wars.
FRENCH AUGMENTED SIXTH CHORD, noun. (music) a chord with the tonic, supertonic, lowered submediant, and raised subdominant scale degrees
FRENCH AUGMENTED SIXTH CHORDS, noun. Plural of French augmented sixth chord
FRENCH BEAN, noun. Haricot bean, kidney bean.
FRENCH BEANS, noun. Plural of French bean
FRENCH BRAID, noun. A braided hairstyle starting with three small sections of hair near the crown of the head, which are then braided together toward the nape of the neck, gradually adding more hair to each section as it crosses in from the side into the center of the braid structure. The final result incorporates all of the hair into a smoothly woven pattern over the scalp.
FRENCH BREAD, noun. A long thin loaf of bread with a thick crust and often having large bubbles of air inside, popular in and associated with France.
FRENCH BULLDOG, noun. A small companion breed of dog.
FRENCH BULLDOGS, noun. Plural of French Bulldog
FRENCH CANADA, proper noun. French-speaking (French-language) Canada.
FRENCH CANADA, proper noun. French Canadians (collectively).
FRENCH CANADIAN, noun. A Canadian whose first language is French.
FRENCH CANADIAN, proper noun. (US) The French language as spoken in Canada, Canadian French.
FRENCH CANADIAN, adjective. Alternative form of French-Canadian Of or relating to francophone Canadians.
FRENCH CANADIANS, noun. Plural of French Canadian
FRENCH CANON, noun. (printing) (dated) Alternative term for canon.
FRENCH CASEMENT, noun. French window
FRENCH CHALK, noun. A type of steatite, used to mark cloth and as a lubricant in shoes, gloves etc.
FRENCH CONGO, proper noun. The original French colony established in the present-day area of the Republic of the Congo, Gabon and the Central African Republic (1880 - 1910), which later became French Equatorial Africa.
FRENCH CRICKET, noun. An informal form of children's cricket where a ball (usually a tennis ball) is bowled underarm at the legs of another player holding a cricket bat, and the next bowler throws from where the ball lands.
FRENCH CRICKETS, noun. Plural of French cricket
FRENCH CUFF, noun. A style of shirt cuff that is folded back on itself and then fastened with a cuff link. Usually considered more formal than a buttoned cuff.
FRENCH CUFF, noun. A shirt cuff in this style.
FRENCH CUFFS, noun. Plural of French cuff
FRENCH CURVE, noun. A drafting template having edges of various curvatures, used for drawing smoothly-curved lines.
FRENCH CURVES, noun. Plural of French curve
FRENCH CUT, noun. (cricket) A batsman's shot in which the ball deflects off the inside edge of the bat and travels fine down the leg side behind the batsman
FRENCH CUTS, noun. Plural of French cut
FRENCH DECK, noun. The standard 52-card deck.
FRENCH DEFENCE, noun. A chess opening characterized by the moves 1.e4 e6, in which the white king's pawn advances two squares and the black king's pawn advance one square.
FRENCH DIP, noun. A type of hot sandwich made with sliced meat (usually roast beef) on a French roll, and served au jus. In its original form the bread is dipped in the jus when the sandwich is made, but more often the jus is served on the side so the sandwich can be dipped as it's being eaten.
FRENCH DIPS, noun. Plural of French dip
FRENCH DISEASE, noun. Syphilis
FRENCH DONUT, noun. (US) A beignet, not to be confused with a croissant, which is made from a different dough and is, as the name suggests, crescent shaped.
FRENCH DONUTS, noun. Plural of French donut
FRENCH DOOR, noun. (US) A door, usually one of a pair, with glass panes that extend for most of its length.
FRENCH DOORS, noun. Plural of French door
FRENCH DRAIN, noun. A shallow trench, perhaps lined with tile or containing a perforated pipe, backfilled with gravel and then covered over, used to collect and channel runoff water.
FRENCH DRAINS, noun. Plural of French drain
FRENCH DRESSING, noun. A mixture of vinegar, oil and other herbs or flavourings (vinaigrette).
FRENCH DRESSING, noun. (US) A salad dressing that is a uniform viscous sauce with a tangy sweet flavor. It is generally made from vegetable oil, vinegar, ketchup (or tomato puree), water, paprika, other spices, and sweeteners.
FRENCH EQUATORIAL AFRICA, proper noun. (historical) A federation in central Africa, stretching from the Sahara to the Congo River.
FRENCH EXIT, noun. (offensive) A hasty exit made without saying farewells to anybody.
FRENCH FAKE, noun. (nautical) A way of coiling a rope by running it backward and forward in parallel bends, so that it may run freely.
FRENCH FAKES, noun. Plural of French fake
FRENCH FITS, noun. (US) (slang) Delirium tremens.
FRENCH FRANC, noun. The former currency of France and its territories, now superseded by the euro. Symbol: FF
FRENCH FRANCS, noun. Plural of French franc
FRENCH FRIES, noun. (chiefly North America) Strips of deep-fried potatoes. These potatoes have been frenched (cut into strips).
FRENCH FRIES, noun. Alternative letter-case form of french fries
FRENCH FRY, noun. Singular of french fries
FRENCH FRY, noun. Alternative letter-case form of french fry
FRENCH GREY, noun. A pale dove grey. [from 16th c.]
FRENCH GRIP, noun. (fencing) A grip used for foil and épée that consists of a slightly curved block of wood or aluminum wrapped in a rubber grip-tape.
FRENCH GUIANA, proper noun. Overseas department of France in South America. Official name: Department of French Guiana.
FRENCH GUIANESE, noun. A person from French Guiana.
FRENCH GUIANESE, adjective. Of, from, or pertaining to French Guiana or the French Guianese people.
FRENCH GUINEA, proper noun. The former name of Guinea (used when it was a colonial territory of France, until 1958).
FRENCH GUYANA, proper noun. Misspelling of French Guiana.
FRENCH HARP, noun. Synonym of harmonica.
FRENCH HARPS, noun. Plural of French harp
FRENCH HONEYSUCKLE, noun. A perennial herb, Hedysarum coronarium, native to Northern Africa and Spain.
FRENCH HORN, noun. (musical instruments) (US) A coiled brass musical instrument, derived from the French hunting horn, which has rotary valves.
FRENCH HORNIST, noun. Someone who plays a French horn.
FRENCH HORNISTS, noun. Plural of French hornist
FRENCH HORNS, noun. Plural of French horn
FRENCH INDIA, proper noun. The administrative whole of the French colonial possessions, all enclaved on the Indian subcontinent (East Indies), comprising Pondicherry (the joint governor's capital), Chandernagor (Chandernagore), Mahé (Mahe), Masulipatam, Yanam (Yanaon) and Karikal
FRENCH INDOCHINA, proper noun. A former part of the French colonial empire in Indochina in southeast Asia, consisting of the current territories of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
FRENCH INHALE, noun. The act of expelling smoke from the mouth and simultaneously inhaling it through the nose.
FRENCH INHALE, verb. To exhale smoke from a cigarette through the mouth while simultaneously inhaling it through the nose.
FRENCH INHALED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of French inhale
FRENCH INHALES, verb. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of French inhale
FRENCH INHALING, verb. Present participle of French inhale
FRENCH KISS, noun. (idiomatic) A kiss (or the act of kissing) which involves the touching of both persons' tongues.
FRENCH KISS, verb. (idiomatic) To give someone a French kiss.
FRENCH KISSED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of French kiss
FRENCH KISSER, noun. (informal) Someone who French kisses.
FRENCH KISSERS, noun. Plural of French kisser
FRENCH KISSES, noun. Plural of French kiss
FRENCH KISSES, verb. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of French kiss
FRENCH KISSING, verb. Present participle of French kiss
FRENCH KNICKERS, noun. (UK) A type of full-fitting women's underwear.
FRENCH LEAVE, noun. A sudden or unannounced departure, or one taken without permission.
FRENCH LETTER, noun. (idiomatic) (euphemistic) A condom.
FRENCH LETTERS, noun. Plural of French letter
FRENCH LOUISIANA, proper noun. (historical) The French vast colony of Louisiana in North America, part of New France, sold to the United States as the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.
FRENCH MAID, noun. A lady's maidservant of French origin, formerly considered a status symbol among wealthy households; now usually with reference to the titillating costume associated with them.
FRENCH MAIDS, noun. Plural of French maid
FRENCH MEASLES, noun. Rubella.
FRENCH MUSTARD, noun. A dark brown, relatively mild, tangy and sweet mustard, less fiery than traditional English mustards.
FRENCH ONION SOUP, noun. (culinary) A soup made with onions and beef broth or beef stock, traditionally served with croutons and cheese as toppings.
FRENCH ONION SOUPS, noun. Plural of French onion soup
FRENCH PANCAKE, noun. A thin pancake.
FRENCH PARADOX, proper noun. The observation that the French suffer a relatively low incidence of coronary heart disease, despite having a diet relatively rich in saturated fats.
FRENCH PARFAIT, noun. A frozen custard made with cream, and usually with a fruit puree.
FRENCH PARFAITS, noun. Plural of French parfait
FRENCH PARTRIDGE, noun. (UK) the red-legged partridge.
FRENCH PEDICURE, noun. A pedicure in which ends of the nails are painted white.
FRENCH PEDICURES, noun. Plural of French pedicure
FRENCH PLAIT, noun. French braid
FRENCH POLISH, noun. A type of varnish, consisting of shellac dissolved in methylated spirits, used to polish wood.
FRENCH POLISH, noun. The glossy surface produced by the application of this varnish.
FRENCH POLYNESIA, proper noun. An overseas territory of France in Oceania. Official name: Territory of French Polynesia.
FRENCH POLYNESIAN, adjective. Of, from, or pertaining to French Polynesia.
FRENCH POLYNESIAN, noun. A person from French Polynesia.
FRENCH POX, noun. (archaic) syphilis
FRENCH PRESS, noun. (bodybuilding) A triceps exercise involving lying face up and lifting a barbell; lying triceps extensions.
FRENCH PRESS, noun. (US) A coffee plunger; a cafetière.
FRENCH PRESSES, noun. Plural of French press
FRENCH PURPLE, noun. A dyestuff obtained from lichens and used for colouring woollen and silken fabrics, without the aid of mordants.
FRENCH RED, noun. Rouge (the cosmetic)
FRENCH REPUBLIC, proper noun. The official name of France, the European country.
FRENCH REPUBLICAN CALENDAR, proper noun. Republican calendar used for twelve years in Revolutionary France (from late 1793 to 1805).
FRENCH REVOLUTION, proper noun. A period in France of radical social and political upheaval which saw the country change from a monarchy to a democratic republic (1789-1799).
FRENCH RICE, noun. Amelcorn
FRENCH RIVIERA, noun. An area of the coast in southern France, popular with holiday-makers.
FRENCH ROOF, noun. A modified form of mansard roof having a nearly flat deck for the upper slope.
FRENCH SASH, noun. A casement swinging on hinges, rather than sliding up and down.
FRENCH SASHES, noun. Plural of French sash
FRENCH SIGN LANGUAGE, proper noun. A dactylological sign language used in seven different countries, based on Old French Sign Language. ISO 639-3 code: fsl.
FRENCH SOLE, noun. Lemon sole
FRENCH SOLES, noun. Plural of French sole
FRENCH SOMALILAND, proper noun. A former country colony of France in Africa, now called Djibouti.
FRENCH SOUTHERN AND ANTARCTIC LANDS, proper noun. A French overseas territory located mostly in the Indian Ocean.
FRENCH STICK, noun. Baguette, a long thin loaf of bread.
FRENCH STICKS, noun. Plural of French stick
FRENCH SUDAN, proper noun. A former colony of France in Africa, now called Mali.
FRENCH TICKLER, noun. A latex condom that is designed with additional protrusions, for enhancing the sexual pleasure of the user.
FRENCH TICKLERS, noun. Plural of French tickler
FRENCH TOAST, noun. (uncountable) Food prepared by dipping bread into egg batter and frying.
FRENCH TOAST, noun. Alternative spelling of French toast
FRENCH WEST AFRICA, proper noun. French West Africa is the (literal) English rendering of Afrique Occidentale française (abbreviated AOC), a geographical group of French colonies in West Africa under the supervisory authority of a single governor-general, comprising the following colonised countries (present names as independent republics in perenthesis if different): Dahomey (Benin), French Guinea (Guinea), the French Sudan (Mali), Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and Upper Volta (Burkina Faso); the last governor-general was also the first of two successive High commissioners, charged with the transition to independence as independent republics, without a common administrative level
FRENCH WINDOW, noun. An outside door with glass panes, serving as a window and a door
FRENCH WINDOW, noun. Alternative spelling of French window
FRENCH WINDOWS, noun. Plural of French window
FRENCH WINDOWS, noun. Plural of french window
FRENCH WIRE, noun. (jewelry) Fine wire of silver or other metal wound into a flexible coil, used for finishing beaded jewelry.
FRENCH WIRES, noun. Plural of French wire

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FRENCH, noun. The Romance language spoken in France and in countries colonized by France.
FRENCH, noun. The people of France.
FRENCH, noun. United States sculptor who created the seated marble figure of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. (1850-1931).
FRENCH, verb. Cut (e.g, beans) lengthwise in preparation for cooking; "French the potatoes".
FRENCH, adjective. Of or pertaining to France or the people of France; "French cooking"; "a Gallic shrug".

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