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CANADIAN, noun. Person from Canada.
CANADIAN, noun. (sports) (informal) Canadian national championship.
CANADIAN, noun. (sports) canoe (short for Canadian canoe, as opposed to kayak)
CANADIAN, proper noun. (informal) The English language as used (spoken or written) in Canada; Canadian English.
CANADIAN, proper noun. A town in Oklahoma.
CANADIAN, proper noun. A city and county seat in Texas.
CANADIAN, adjective. Of or pertaining to Canada.
CANADIAN, adjective. Of or pertaining to Canadians.
CANADIAN, adjective. Of or pertaining to Canadian (or Canadian English).
CANADIAN ABORIGINAL SYLLABICS, noun. A syllabic script used to write several Inuit and First Nations languages in Canada.
CANADIAN ARMED FORCES, proper noun. (military) Canadian Forces
CANADIAN AS MAPLE SYRUP, adjective. (simile) Completely or quintessentially Canadian.
CANADIAN BACON, noun. (US) bacon made only from the loin, with no belly meat, and sold in lean medallions
CANADIAN BALLET, proper noun. (northern US) (slang) A strip club, especially one in Canada near the American border.
CANADIAN BURNET, noun. Sanguisorba canadensis, a perennial plant native to North America.
CANADIAN DOLLAR, noun. The official currency of Canada.
CANADIAN DOLLARS, noun. Plural of Canadian dollar
CANADIAN ENGLISH, proper noun. The variety of the English language used in Canada.
CANADIAN FOOTBALL, noun. A game played on a field of 110 yards long and 65 yards wide in which two teams attempt to get an ovoid ball to the end of each other's territory.
CANADIAN FORCES, proper noun. (military) the armed forces of Canada
CANADIAN FRENCH, noun. French Canadians, collectively.
CANADIAN FRENCH, adjective. French Canadian.
CANADIAN FRENCH, proper noun. The French language as spoken by francophones in Canada.
CANADIAN GOOSE, noun. Alternative form of Canada goose
CANADIAN HEMLOCK, noun. Tsuga canadensis
CANADIAN LYNX, noun. Alternative form of Canada lynx
CANADIAN LYNXES, noun. Plural of Canadian lynx
CANADIAN PORCUPINE, noun. A North American porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum).
CANADIAN PORCUPINES, noun. Plural of Canadian porcupine
CANADIAN PRAIRIES, proper noun. The western grasslands of Canada east of the Rockies and west of the Great Lakes
CANADIAN RAISING, noun. (linguistics) The phenomenon in some dialects of English, especially Canadian English, in which is realized as and/or is realized as or before unvoiced consonants.
CANADIAN RED PINE, noun. Pinus resinosa, a pine tree found in eastern North America having long needles and reddish bark.
CANADIAN RED PINES, noun. Plural of Canadian red pine
CANADIAN SECURITY INTELLIGENCE SERVICE, proper noun. The security agency for Canada, covering domestic and foreign intelligence
CANADIAN SHIELD, proper noun. An area of very old bedrock surrounding Hudson Bay, and covering about half the land area of Canada.
CANADIAN STUDIES, noun. (humanities) The academic field that examines topics concerning Canada, including Canadiana, culture, politics, history.
CANADIAN TRAVELLER PROBLEM, noun. (comptheory) A generalization of the shortest path problem to graphs that are only partially observable (i.e. the graph is revealed while it is being explored).

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CANADIAN, noun. A native or inhabitant of Canada.
CANADIAN, noun. A river rising in northeastern New Mexico and flowing eastward across the Texas panhandle to become a tributary of the Arkansas River in Oklahoma.
CANADIAN, adjective. Of or relating to Canada or its people.

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