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IRISH, proper noun. The Goidelic language indigenous to Ireland, also known as Irish Gaelic.
IRISH, proper noun. A surname​.
IRISH, noun. (as plural) The Irish people.
IRISH, noun. (obsolete) A board game of the tables family.
IRISH, noun. (US) Temper; anger, passion.
IRISH, noun. Whiskey, or whisky, elaborated in Ireland.
IRISH, adjective. Pertaining to or originating from Ireland or the Irish people.
IRISH, adjective. Pertaining to the Irish language.
IRISH, adjective. (derogatory) nonsensical, daft or complex.
IRISH ACRE, noun. A unit of area, approximately 0.66 hectares.
IRISH BOUZOUKI, noun. (musical instrument) A bouzouki adapted for use in Irish traditional music with a short neck, and a flat back and sides.
IRISH BOUZOUKIS, noun. Plural of Irish bouzouki
IRISH BREAKFAST TEA, noun. A strong blend of black teas, commonly served with milk.
IRISH COFFEE, noun. Coffee with a dash of whiskey, topped with whipped cream
IRISH COFFEES, noun. Plural of Irish coffee
IRISH CONFETTI, noun. (slang) A brick or bricks thrown during a fight.
IRISH CREAM, noun. A pale colored liqueur made from whiskey, cream and coffee.
IRISH ELK, noun. Megaloceros giganteus, a very large extinct deer.
IRISH ENGLISH, proper noun. The dialect of the English language spoken in Ireland.
IRISH FLUTE, noun. A wooden flute used for playing traditional Irish music.
IRISH FLUTES, noun. Plural of Irish flute
IRISH FREE STATE, proper noun. An independent dominion that was under the nominal sovereignty of the British monarch that included most of the island of Ireland. It was created in 1922 as part of a treaty between Great Britain and Ireland allowing the Irish Free State partial independence.
IRISH GAELIC, proper noun. The Celtic language indigenous to Ireland, commonly called Irish.
IRISH GOODBYE, noun. (offensive) A hasty exit made without saying farewells to anybody.
IRISH HOBBIES, noun. Plural of Irish hobby
IRISH HOBBY, noun. An extinct breed of horse that lived in the British Isles in the Middle Ages
IRISH JOKE, noun. A very simple joke with a punchline implying that the Irish are stupid.
IRISH JOKES, noun. Plural of Irish joke
IRISH LORD, noun. A common name applied to the sculpin fish of the genus Hemilepidotus.
IRISH MOSS, noun. A species of edible seaweed, Chondrus crispus.
IRISH MOSS, noun. Alternative spelling of Irish moss
IRISH PENNANT, noun. (British) (nautical) A loose or untidy end of a line or other part of the rigging of a sailing ship
IRISH PENNANT, noun. (US) A loose thread of a Naval or Marine uniform; also the loose end of any knot not tied properly
IRISH PENNANTS, noun. Plural of Irish pennant
IRISH POPLIN, noun. A fabric with silk warp and worsted weft, made in Ireland.
IRISH POTATO, noun. (US) A potato, distinguished from a sweet potato.
IRISH REEF, noun. (nautical) The head of a sail tied up.
IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY, proper noun. Any of several Irish guerrilla or terrorist organisations fighting British rule in Ireland (later Northern Ireland) since the early 20th century.
IRISH SEA, proper noun. A sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland; bordered to the north by the North Channel and to the south by St George's Channel and the Celtic Sea.
IRISH SETTER, noun. A breed of gun dog with a moderately long coat of a red or chestnut color.
IRISH SETTERS, noun. Plural of Irish Setter
IRISH STEW, noun. A traditional stew made from lamb or mutton with potatoes, onions, parsley, and sometimes carrots.
IRISH STEW, noun. Mulligan stew
IRISH STEWS, noun. Plural of Irish stew
IRISH TRAVELLER, noun. (Ireland) A member of a particular nomadic ethnic minority in Ireland, the Pavee.
IRISH TRAVELLERS, noun. Plural of Irish Traveller
IRISH TWIN, noun. (rare) (slang) (sometimes offensive) Either of a pair of siblings born less than 12 months apart, especially if born within the same calendar year or school year.
IRISH TWINS, noun. Plural of Irish twin
IRISH WATERFALL, noun. (slang) French inhale; inhaling smoke that has just been expelled from the mouth or inhaling smoke through the nose while simultaneously expelling it from the mouth.
IRISH WOLFHOUND, noun. The largest sighthound and tallest dog on average, bred in Ireland to hunt wolves.
IRISH WOLFHOUNDS, noun. Plural of Irish Wolfhound

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IRISH, noun. People of Ireland or of Irish extraction.
IRISH, noun. Whiskey made in Ireland chiefly from barley.
IRISH, noun. The Celtic language of Ireland.
IRISH, adjective. Of or relating to or characteristic of Ireland or its people.

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