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WINNIPEG, proper noun. A city in Canada, the provincial capital of Manitoba.
WINNIPEG, proper noun. Lake Winnipeg, a large lake in Manitoba.
WINNIPEG, proper noun. Winnipeg River, a river that flows 813 km from Lake of the Woods, Ontario, into Lake Winnipeg.
WINNIPEG COUCH, noun. (Canada) A simple couch having no back or arms, that can be converted into a double bed.
WINNIPEG COUCHES, noun. Plural of Winnipeg couch
WINNIPEG GOLDEYE, noun. Alternative term for goldeye
WINNIPEG GOLDEYES, noun. Plural of Winnipeg goldeye

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WINNIPEG, noun. The capital and largest city of Manitoba; located in southern Manitoba; known for severe winters.
WINNIPEG, noun. A lake in southern Canada in Manitoba.

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