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CURLING, noun. The action or motion of something that curls.
CURLING, noun. A winter sport where players aim and slide stones down a sheet of ice and attempt to get their color stones closest to the house (a circular target marked on the ice).
CURLING, verb. Present participle of curl
CURLING, proper noun. A surname​.
CURLING IRON, noun. A heated cylindrical device for curling the hair.
CURLING IRONS, noun. Plural of curling iron
CURLING STICK, noun. (curling) A device that permits a player to deliver a stone while standing upright
CURLING TONGS, noun. (pluralonly) Tongs, usually electrically heated, used for curling or waving the hair.
CURLING UP, verb. Present participle of curl up

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CURLING, noun. A game played on ice in which heavy stones with handles are slid toward a target.
CURLING, adjective. Of hair having curls.

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