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SLEDGE, noun. A heavy, long handled maul or hammer used to drive stakes, wedges, etc.
SLEDGE, verb. To hit with a sledgehammer.
SLEDGE, noun. A low sled drawn by animals, typically on snow, ice or grass.
SLEDGE, noun. (British) any type of sled or sleigh.
SLEDGE, noun. A card game resembling all fours and seven-up; old sledge.
SLEDGE, verb. To drag or draw a sledge.
SLEDGE, verb. To ride, travel with or transport in a sledge.
SLEDGE, verb. (chiefly cricket) (Australian) To verbally insult or abuse an opponent in order to distract them (considered unsportsmanlike).
SLEDGE HOCKEY, noun. A version of ice hockey where the players are seated on sledges and have use of two sticks.

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SLEDGE, noun. A vehicle mounted on runners and pulled by horses or dogs; for transportation over snow.
SLEDGE, noun. A heavy long-handled hammer used to drive stakes or wedges.
SLEDGE, verb. Transport in a sleigh.
SLEDGE, verb. Ride in or travel with a sledge; "the antarctic expedition sledged along the coastline"; "The children sledged all day by the lake".
SLEDGE, verb. Beat with a sledgehammer.

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