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TRAVELLING, verb. Present participle of travel
TRAVELLING, noun. Action of the verb to travel
TRAVELLING, adjective. That travels (with one)
TRAVELLING COMMUNITY, proper noun. (Ireland) The nomadic ethnic minority, the Irish Travellers.
TRAVELLING SALESMAN, noun. A man who travels, often within a certain territory, soliciting orders or selling goods.
TRAVELLING SALESMAN PROBLEM, noun. (mathematics) (UK) (Canada) The problem in combinatorial optimization in which, given a number of cities and the costs of travelling from one to the other, it is required to determine the cheapest route that visits each city once and then returns to the initial city.
TRAVELLING SALESMEN, noun. Plural of travelling salesman
TRAVELLING WAVE, noun. (physics) a wave that is not bounded by a given space, but can propagate freely
TRAVELLING WAVE, noun. (physics) a wave in which the vibration is in the direction of propagation; a longitudinal wave
TRAVELLING WAVE TUBE, noun. (physics) An electron tube in which high-energy microwaves are produced by transferring energy from electrons

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TRAVELLING, noun. The act of going from one place to another; "he enjoyed selling but he hated the travel".

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