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TOURIST, noun. Someone who travels for pleasure rather than for business.
TOURIST, noun. (derogatory) One who visits a place or attends a social event out of curiosity, wanting to watch without commitment or involvement.
TOURIST, noun. (sports) (informal) A member of the visiting team in a match.
TOURIST GUIDE, noun. Synonym of tour guide.
TOURIST GUIDES, noun. Plural of tourist guide
TOURIST HIGHWAY, noun. A road which is marketed as particularly suited for tourists; promoted by traffic signs or advertising material.
TOURIST OFFICE, noun. An office which provides information, brochures, maps, etc. for tourists to an area or locality.
TOURIST OFFICES, noun. Plural of tourist office
TOURIST TRAP, noun. An establishment, such as a shop or display, where tourists are encouraged to spend money on goods or services not necessarily of good value.
TOURIST TRAPS, noun. Plural of tourist trap
TOURIST TREE, noun. The gumbo limbo, Bursera simaruba
TOURIST TREES, noun. Plural of tourist tree
TOURIST VISA, noun. A document that allows a limited period of leisure travel within a country, but no business activity
TOURIST VISAS, noun. Plural of tourist visa

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TOURIST, noun. Someone who travels for pleasure.

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