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HIKE, noun. A long walk.
HIKE, noun. An abrupt increase.
HIKE, noun. (American football) The snap of the ball to start a play.
HIKE, noun. A command to a dog sled team, given by a musher
HIKE, verb. To take a long walk for pleasure or exercise.
HIKE, verb. To unfairly or suddenly raise a price.
HIKE, verb. (American football) To snap the ball to start a play.
HIKE, verb. (nautical) To lean out to the windward side of a sailboat in order to counterbalance the effects of the wind on the sails.
HIKE, verb. To pull up or tug upwards sharply.
HIKE UP, verb. (idiomatic) (transitive) To lift; to tug or pull upwards.
HIKE UP, verb. (idiomatic) (transitive) To raise or increase sharply.

Dictionary definition

HIKE, noun. A long walk usually for exercise or pleasure; "she enjoys a hike in her spare time".
HIKE, noun. An increase in cost; "they asked for a 10% rise in rates".
HIKE, noun. The amount a salary is increased; "he got a 3% raise"; "he got a wage hike".
HIKE, verb. Increase; "The landlord hiked up the rents".
HIKE, verb. Walk a long way, as for pleasure or physical exercise; "We were hiking in Colorado"; "hike the Rockies".

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