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PAVILION, noun. An ornate tent
PAVILION, noun. A light roofed structure used as a shelter in a public place
PAVILION, noun. A structure, sometimes temporary, erected to house exhibits at a fair, etc
PAVILION, noun. (cricket) the building where the players change clothes, wait to bat, and eat their meals
PAVILION, noun. A detached or semi-detached building at a hospital or other building complex
PAVILION, noun. The lower surface of a brilliant-cut gemstone, lying between the girdle and collet
PAVILION, noun. (anatomy) the cartiliginous part of the outer ear; auricle
PAVILION, noun. (anatomy) The fimbriated extremity of the Fallopian tube.
PAVILION, noun. (military) A flag, ensign, or banner.
PAVILION, noun. (heraldry) A tent used as a bearing.
PAVILION, noun. A covering; a canopy; figuratively, the sky.
PAVILION, verb. (transitive) to furnish with a pavilion
PAVILION, verb. (transitive) to put inside a pavilion
PAVILION, verb. (transitive) (figuratively) to enclose or surround (after Robert Grant's hymn line "pavilioned in splendour")

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PAVILION, noun. Large and often sumptuous tent.

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