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FOUNTAIN, noun. (originally) A spring, natural source of water.
FOUNTAIN, noun. An artificial, usually ornamental, water feature (usually in a garden or public place) consisting of one or more streams of water originating from a statue or other structure.
FOUNTAIN, noun. The structure from which an artificial fountain can issue.
FOUNTAIN, noun. A reservoir from which liquid can be drawn.
FOUNTAIN, noun. A source, origin of a flow (e.g. of favors, of knowledge).
FOUNTAIN, noun. A juggling pattern typically done with an even number of props where each prop is caught by the same hand that thows it.
FOUNTAIN, noun. (heraldiccharge) A roundel barry wavy argent and azure.
FOUNTAIN, noun. (US) A soda fountain.
FOUNTAIN, verb. To flow or gush as if from a fountain.
FOUNTAIN, proper noun. A ghost town in California.
FOUNTAIN, proper noun. A city in Colorado.
FOUNTAIN, proper noun. A village in Michigan.
FOUNTAIN, proper noun. A town in Minnesota.
FOUNTAIN, proper noun. A town in North Carolina.
FOUNTAIN, proper noun. A town in Wisconsin.
FOUNTAIN CODE, noun. (coding theory) A rateless erasure code.
FOUNTAIN CODES, noun. Plural of fountain code
FOUNTAIN LAMP, noun. A lamp fed with oil from an elevated reservoir.
FOUNTAIN LAMPS, noun. Plural of fountain lamp
FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, noun. (idiomatic) Anything reputed to have the power to restore health and vitality or to restore a youthful appearance.
FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, proper noun. (mythology) Legendary spring of water with magical properties to restore youth and health to those who drink from it.
FOUNTAIN PEN, noun. A pen containing a reservoir of ink, which is fed to a writing nib automatically.
FOUNTAIN PENS, noun. Plural of fountain pen
FOUNTAIN SHELL, noun. The large West Indian conch shell (Strombus gigas).
FOUNTAIN SHELLS, noun. Plural of fountain shell
FOUNTAIN WATER, noun. The water of a fountain.

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FOUNTAIN, noun. A structure from which an artificially produced jet of water arises.
FOUNTAIN, noun. A natural flow of ground water.
FOUNTAIN, noun. An artificially produced flow of water.
FOUNTAIN, noun. A plumbing fixture that provides a flow of water.

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