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TERRACE, noun. A platform that extends outwards from a building.
TERRACE, noun. A raised, flat-topped bank of earth with sloping sides, especially one of a series for farming or leisure; a similar natural area of ground, often next to a river.
TERRACE, noun. A row of residential houses with no gaps between them; a group of row houses.
TERRACE, noun. (in the plural) (chiefly British) The standing area at a football ground.
TERRACE, noun. (chiefly Indian English) The roof of a building, especially if accessible to the residents. Often used for drying laundry, sun-drying foodstuffs, exercise, or sleeping outdoors in hot weather.
TERRACE, verb. To provide something with a terrace.
TERRACE, verb. To form something into a terrace.
TERRACE, proper noun. A city in British Columbia, Canada
TERRACE CHANT, noun. (sports) A phrase or song chanted at a football match or other sports event.

Dictionary definition

TERRACE, noun. Usually paved outdoor area adjoining a residence.
TERRACE, noun. A level shelf of land interrupting a declivity (with steep slopes above and below).
TERRACE, noun. A row of houses built in a similar style and having common dividing walls (or the street on which they face); "Grosvenor Terrace".
TERRACE, verb. Provide (a house) with a terrace; "We terrassed the country house".
TERRACE, verb. Make into terraces as for cultivation; "The Incas terraced their mountainous land".

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