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PEDESTRIAN, adjective. (not comparable) Of or intended for those who are walking.
PEDESTRIAN, adjective. (comparable) Ordinary, dull; everyday; unexceptional.
PEDESTRIAN, noun. Somebody walking rather than using a vehicle; somebody traveling on foot on or near a roadway.
PEDESTRIAN CROSSING, noun. A place where pedestrians are permitted to or advised to cross a street.
PEDESTRIAN CROSSINGS, noun. Plural of pedestrian crossing
PEDESTRIAN ISLAND, noun. A refuge island.
PEDESTRIAN ISLANDS, noun. Plural of pedestrian island
PEDESTRIAN PRECINCT, noun. An area in a town or city intended for pedestrians only, where vehicles (in particular motor vehicles) are not normally allowed.
PEDESTRIAN REFUGE, noun. A refuge island.
PEDESTRIAN REFUGES, noun. Plural of pedestrian refuge
PEDESTRIAN SCRAMBLE, noun. (informal) A state or period of time in which an intersection is forbidden to vehicles, allowing pedestrians to cross in all directions.
PEDESTRIAN SCRAMBLES, noun. Plural of pedestrian scramble

Dictionary definition

PEDESTRIAN, noun. A person who travels by foot.
PEDESTRIAN, adjective. Lacking wit or imagination; "a pedestrian movie plot".

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