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SEGREGATE, adjective. Separate; select.
SEGREGATE, adjective. (botany) Separated from others of the same kind.
SEGREGATE, verb. To separate, used especially of social policies that directly or indirectly keep races or ethnic groups apart.

Dictionary definition

SEGREGATE, noun. Someone who is or has been segregated.
SEGREGATE, verb. Separate by race or religion; practice a policy of racial segregation; "This neighborhood is segregated"; "We don't segregate in this county".
SEGREGATE, verb. Divide from the main body or mass and collect; "Many towns segregated into new counties"; "Experiments show clearly that genes segregate".
SEGREGATE, verb. Separate or isolate (one thing) from another and place in a group apart from others; "the sun segregates the carbon"; "large mining claims are segregated into smaller claims".

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