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SEX, noun. (countable) A main division into which an organism is placed according to its reproductive functions or organs. (In most organisms, the division is into males and females; some organisms have additional sexes.)
SEX, noun. (uncountable) The sum of the biological characteristics by which male and female and other organisms are distinguished.
SEX, noun. (uncountable) Sexual intercourse; the act of sexual intercourse.
SEX, noun. (euphemistic) Genitalia; a penis or vagina.
SEX, noun. (obsolete) (with the definite article) Women; womankind.
SEX, verb. (zoology) To determine the biological sex of an animal.
SEX, verb. (colloquial) To have sex with.
SEX ACT, noun. Any act involving sexual stimulation.
SEX ACTS, noun. Plural of sex act
SEX ADDICT, noun. A person addicted to sex.
SEX ADDICTS, noun. Plural of sex addict
SEX AID, noun. Any object or device that is primarily used in facilitating human sexual pleasure
SEX AIDS, noun. Plural of sex aid
SEX AND SHOPPING, noun. A genre of popular fiction in which characters with an affluent lifestyle have frequent explicit sexual encounters
SEX APPEAL, noun. Sexual attractiveness.
SEX ATTACK, noun. An act of sexual assault.
SEX BOMB, noun. (colloquial) Someone who is highly physically attractive; a bombshell.
SEX BOMBS, noun. Plural of sex bomb
SEX BOYCOTT, noun. Synonym of sex strike.
SEX BRACELET, noun. A common bracelet, in context of supposedly implying that if worn by a female, she is wanting to engage in a sexual behavior predetermined by the color of the bracelet.
SEX BRACELETS, noun. Plural of sex bracelet
SEX CELL, noun. Germ cell
SEX CHANGE, noun. (deprecated) A sexual reassignment surgery (SRS).
SEX CHANGES, noun. Plural of sex change
SEX CHROMOSOME, noun. (genetics) either of a pair of chromosomes (in most animals and plants) whose combination determines the sexual characteristics of an individual.
SEX CHROMOSOMES, noun. Plural of sex chromosome
SEX COMEDY, noun. (film) A genre of comedy film with sexual content or themes.
SEX DRIVE, noun. The tendency or instinct of animals to engage in sexual activity.
SEX DRIVES, noun. Plural of sex drive
SEX DRUG, noun. Medications, supplements, or recreational drugs typically associated with sexual encounters, especially party and play and erectile dysfunction drugs.
SEX DRUGS, noun. Plural of sex drug
SEX DUNGEON, noun. A location used for BDSM sexual activities
SEX DUNGEONS, noun. Plural of sex dungeon
SEX ECONOMY, noun. The Reichian theory, progressing from Freudian psychoanalysis, of the energy household of the human organism.
SEX ECONOMY, noun. The way in which society regulates, promotes, or hinders gratification of the sexual needs. (A variant meaning also defined by Reich)
SEX ED, noun. Abbreviation of sex education.
SEX EDUCATION, noun. Education about human sexual anatomy, reproduction, and intercourse and other human sexual behavior.
SEX GLAND, noun. (anatomy) A gland in which sex cells are produced.
SEX GLANDS, noun. Plural of sex gland
SEX GOD, noun. An incredibly sexy man.
SEX GOD, noun. A man with astounding sexual prowess.
SEX GODDESS, noun. A woman who is distinctively sexually attractive or notably skilled at sex.
SEX GODDESSES, noun. Plural of sex goddess
SEX GODS, noun. Plural of sex god
SEX HORMONE, noun. Testosterone in men and estrogen in women and their related hormones involved in puberty, arousal, sex drive
SEX HORMONES, noun. Plural of sex hormone
SEX KITTEN, noun. A woman who is both sexually desirable and sexually active.
SEX KITTENS, noun. Plural of sex kitten
SEX LIFE, noun. That part of a person's life that is directly concerned with sexual activity.
SEX LINE, noun. A phoneline reserved for phone sex.
SEX LIVES, noun. Plural of sex life
SEX MACHINE, noun. (idiomatic) Someone with considerable sexual prowess
SEX MACHINE, noun. Any machine that is used for sexual pleasure
SEX MACHINES, noun. Plural of sex machine
SEX OBJECT, noun. A person seen only as sexually attractive and not having any other positive features.
SEX OBJECTS, noun. Plural of sex object
SEX OFFENDER, noun. Somebody who has committed a crime of a sexual nature.
SEX OFFENDERS, noun. Plural of sex offender
SEX ON A STICK, noun. (idiomatic) (slang) A very sexually attractive person or persons.
SEX ON LEGS, noun. (idiomatic) A person or persons considered to be very sexually attractive.
SEX ON THE BEACH, noun. A cocktail containing vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and orange juice.
SEX ORGAN, noun. (anatomy) An organ used in sexual reproduction.
SEX ORGANS, noun. Plural of sex organ
SEX PARTIES, noun. Plural of sex party
SEX PARTNER, noun. Someone that one has sex with, especially on an informal or casual basis.
SEX PARTNERS, noun. Plural of sex partner
SEX PARTY, noun. An orgy.
SEX PLAY, noun. Play of a sexual nature between children.
SEX PLUS, adjective. Alternative form of sex-plus
SEX POSITION, noun. The physical position of two or more lovers for sexual intercourse.
SEX POSITIONS, noun. Plural of sex position
SEX RATIO, noun. (biology) (sociology) The ratio of males to females in any given population.
SEX RATIOS, noun. Plural of sex ratio
SEX REASSIGNMENT SURGERY, noun. Any surgical procedure that adjusts genitalia and other physical sex characteristics in order to achieve a (usually normative) result, typically employed by transsexual and sometimes by intersex people to achieve anatomy conforming to their gender identities. (Abbreviation: SRS.)
SEX SCENE, noun. A segment in a movie, television program, etc. in which characters engage in simulated or real sexual activity.
SEX SCENES, noun. Plural of sex scene
SEX SHOP, noun. A shop that sells sex toys, erotic lingerie, pornography etc.
SEX SHOPS, noun. Plural of sex shop
SEX SLAVE, noun. A person who is forced into being available for sex.
SEX SLAVES, noun. Plural of sex slave
SEX STRIKE, noun. A strike, in which one or multiple persons refrain from sex with their partner(s) to achieve certain goals
SEX SWING, noun. (BDSM) A swing designed to restrain one person while one or more others are able to move freely.
SEX SWINGS, noun. Plural of sex swing
SEX SYMBOL, noun. A person that embodies the sexual ideals of a mass audience.
SEX SYMBOLS, noun. Plural of sex symbol
SEX TALK, noun. (idiomatic) Flirtatious conversation, used as foreplay or for seduction.
SEX TAPE, noun. A video recording of a sex act, especially one starring a celebrity.
SEX TAPES, noun. Plural of sex tape
SEX THERAPIST, noun. A therapist or sexologist dedicated to providing sex therapy and other care for those with sexual dysfunctions or victims of sexual assault.
SEX THERAPISTS, noun. Plural of sex therapist
SEX THERAPY, noun. The treatment of sexual dysfunction
SEX TOURISM, noun. Travel to a jurisdiction other than one's home jurisdiction for the purpose of sexual intercourse with prostitutes or for the purpose of engaging in sex acts which are prohibited in one's home jurisdiction.
SEX TOY, noun. Any object or device that is primarily used in facilitating human sexual pleasure
SEX TOY, noun. A person willing to provide sexual pleasure to another at their beckoning.
SEX TOYS, noun. Plural of sex toy
SEX UP, verb. (transitive) To take part in sexual acts with.
SEX UP, verb. (transitive) To arouse somebody sexually
SEX UP, verb. (transitive) To make more sexually attractive.
SEX UP, verb. (transitive) To enhance in terms of fashionable appeal.
SEX UP, verb. (transitive) To sensationalize.
SEX WORK, noun. Any job in which sex or eroticism is involved, especially prostitution or pornography.
SEX WORKER, noun. A person who supplies sex work (sexual services) in exchange for compensation.
SEX WORKERS, noun. Plural of sex worker
SEX WORKING, noun. Work in a sex-related industry, such as prostitution or pornography

Dictionary definition

SEX, noun. Activities associated with sexual intercourse; "they had sex in the back seat".
SEX, noun. Either of the two categories (male or female) into which most organisms are divided; "the war between the sexes".
SEX, noun. All of the feelings resulting from the urge to gratify sexual impulses; "he wanted a better sex life"; "the film contained no sex or violence".
SEX, noun. The properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles; "she didn't want to know the sex of the foetus".
SEX, verb. Stimulate sexually; "This movie usually arouses the male audience".
SEX, verb. Tell the sex (of young chickens).

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