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BREED, verb. To produce offspring sexually; to bear young.
BREED, verb. (transitive) To give birth to; to be the native place of.
BREED, verb. Of animals, to mate.
BREED, verb. To keep animals and have them reproduce in a way that improves the next generation’s qualities.
BREED, verb. To arrange the mating of specific animals.
BREED, verb. To propagate or grow plants trying to give them certain qualities.
BREED, verb. To take care of in infancy and through childhood; to bring up.
BREED, verb. To yield or result in.
BREED, verb. (obsolete) (intransitive) To be formed in the parent or dam; to be generated, or to grow, like young before birth.
BREED, verb. To educate; to instruct; to form by education; to train; sometimes followed by up.
BREED, verb. To produce or obtain by any natural process.
BREED, verb. (intransitive) To have birth; to be produced or multiplied.
BREED, noun. All animals or plants of the same species or subspecies.
BREED, noun. A race or lineage.
BREED, noun. (informal) A group of people with shared characteristics.
BREED IN AND IN, verb. To breed from animals of the same stock that are closely related.
BREED IN THE BONE, verb. (idiomatic) (of a habit, personal characteristic, etc.) To establish or ingrain firmly within someone's nature.
BREED LIKE RABBITS, verb. (simile) To breed very rapidly, to have many children

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BREED, noun. A special variety of domesticated animals within a species; "he experimented on a particular breed of white rats"; "he created a new strain of sheep".
BREED, noun. A special type; "Google represents a new breed of entrepreneurs".
BREED, verb. Call forth.
BREED, verb. Copulate with a female, used especially of horses; "The horse covers the mare".
BREED, verb. Cause to procreate (animals); "She breeds dogs".
BREED, verb. Have young (animals) or reproduce (organisms); "pandas rarely breed in captivity"; "These bacteria reproduce".

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