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HUNTING, noun. Chasing and killing animals for sport or to get food.
HUNTING, noun. Looking for something, especially for a job or flat.
HUNTING, noun. (engineering) Fluctuating around a central value without stabilizing.
HUNTING, verb. Present participle of hunt
HUNTING AND PECKING, verb. Present participle of hunt and peck
HUNTING CAT, noun. Alternative term for cheetah
HUNTING COG, noun. A tooth in the larger of two geared wheels which makes its number of teeth prime to the number in the smaller wheel, thus preventing the frequent meeting of the same pairs of teeth.
HUNTING GROUND, noun. An area used for hunting
HUNTING GROUND, noun. (figurative) A place where people can find what they are looking for
HUNTING HORN, noun. (music) A bugle, normally having three spirals, on which signals are blown during a hunt.
HUNTING HORNS, noun. Plural of hunting horn
HUNTING KNIFE, noun. A large knife designed for use in hunting animals, usually with a smooth front edge and a back edge that is partially serrated for sawing.
HUNTING KNIVES, noun. Plural of hunting knife
HUNTING LEOPARD, noun. Alternative term for cheetah
HUNTING LODGE, noun. A building used for the recreational use of hunting.
HUNTING LODGES, noun. Plural of hunting lodge
HUNTING PINK, noun. Scarlet, as worn by fox-hunters
HUNTING PINK, noun. (in the plural) The traditional scarlet jacket and related attire worn by fox-hunters.
HUNTING PINKS, noun. Plural of hunting pink
HUNTING SPIDER, noun. A spider that hunts its prey on the ground instead of catching it in a web
HUNTING WHERE THE DUCKS ARE, verb. Present participle of hunt where the ducks are
HUNTING WHIP, noun. A whip with a hooked horn handle (that can be used for opening gates), a short shaft or stock and has a long leather thong with a silk or cord lash.
HUNTING WHIPS, noun. Plural of hunting whip

Dictionary definition

HUNTING, noun. The pursuit and killing or capture of wild animals regarded as a sport.
HUNTING, noun. The activity of looking thoroughly in order to find something or someone.
HUNTING, noun. The work of finding and killing or capturing animals for food or pelts.

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