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FERAL, adjective. Wild, untamed, especially of domesticated animals having returned to the wild.
FERAL, adjective. (of a person) Contemptible, unruly, misbehaved.
FERAL, noun. A domesticated animal that has returned to the wild; an animal, particularly a domesticated animal, living independently of humans.
FERAL, noun. (Australia) (colloquial) A contemptible young person, a lout, a person who behaves wildly.
FERAL, noun. (Australia) (colloquial) A person who has isolated themselves from the outside world; one living an alternative lifestyle.
FERAL CAT, noun. A domesticated cat that has returned to the wild.
FERAL CAT, noun. The offspring of such a cat.
FERAL CATS, noun. Plural of feral cat
FERAL CHILD, noun. A child who is raised without human contact as a result of being abandoned, allegedly often raised by wild animals.
FERAL CHILDREN, noun. Plural of feral child
FERAL PIGEON, noun. A variety of rock pigeon that has adapted to living in cities.
FERAL PIGEONS, noun. Plural of feral pigeon

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FERAL, adjective. Wild and menacing; "a pack of feral dogs".

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