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WEED, noun. (countable) Any plant regarded as unwanted at the place where, and at the time when it is growing.
WEED, noun. Short for duckweed.
WEED, noun. (uncountable) (archaic or obsolete) Underbrush; low shrubs.
WEED, noun. A drug or the like made from the leaves of a plant.
WEED, noun. (uncountable) (slang) Marijuana.
WEED, noun. (with "the") (uncountable) (slang) Tobacco.
WEED, noun. (obsolete) (countable) A cigar.
WEED, noun. (countable) A weak horse, which is therefore unfit to breed from.
WEED, noun. (countable) (British) (informal) A puny person; one who has with little physical strength.
WEED, noun. (countable) (Scotland) A sudden illness or relapse, often attended with fever, which attacks women in childbed.
WEED, noun. (countable) (figuratively) Something unprofitable or troublesome; anything useless.
WEED, verb. To remove unwanted vegetation from a cultivated area.
WEED, noun. (archaic) A garment or piece of clothing.
WEED, noun. (archaic) Clothing collectively; clothes, dress.
WEED, noun. (archaic) An article of dress worn in token of grief; a mourning garment or badge.
WEED, noun. (archaic) widow's weeds: female mourning apparel
WEED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of wee
WEED EATER, noun. A string trimmer
WEED HOOK, noun. A hook used for cutting away or extirpating weeds.
WEED HOOKS, noun. Plural of weed hook
WEED OUT, verb. (idiomatic) to remove unwanted elements from a group

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WEED, noun. Any plant that crowds out cultivated plants.
WEED, noun. A black band worn by a man (on the arm or hat) as a sign of mourning.
WEED, noun. Street names for marijuana.
WEED, verb. Clear of weeds; "weed the garden".

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