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SLIME, noun. Soft, moist earth or clay, having an adhesive quality; viscous mud; any substance of a dirty nature, that is moist, soft, and adhesive; bitumen; mud containing metallic ore, obtained in the preparatory dressing.
SLIME, noun. Any mucilaginous substance; or a mucus-like substance which exudes from the bodies of certain animals, such as snails or slugs.
SLIME, noun. (informal) (derogatory) A sneaky, unethical person; a slimeball.
SLIME, noun. (figuratively) (obsolete) Human flesh, seen disparagingly; mere human form.
SLIME, noun. (obsolete) = Jew's slime (bitumen)
SLIME, verb. (transitive) To coat with slime.
SLIME, verb. (transitive) (figuratively) To besmirch or disparage.
SLIME MOLD, noun. Any of various primitive organisms, a naked mass or protoplasm, of the phylum Acrasiomycota
SLIME MOLDS, noun. Plural of slime mold
SLIME MOULD, noun. Alternative spelling of slime mold
SLIME MOULDS, noun. Plural of slime mould

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SLIME, noun. Any thick, viscous matter.
SLIME, verb. Cover or stain with slime; "The snake slimed his victim".

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