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PRIMORDIAL, adjective. First, earliest or original
PRIMORDIAL, adjective. (biology) characteristic of the earliest stage of the development of an organism, or relating to a primordium
PRIMORDIAL, adjective. Primeval
PRIMORDIAL, noun. A first principle or element.
PRIMORDIAL SEA, noun. The oceans of the earth at a time early in its history. The term generally implies either the time before or during the development of multi-cellular life forms (i.e., during the Precambrian), or alternatively before the development of the first land-based life forms (i.e. during the early Paleozoic).
PRIMORDIAL SOUP, noun. (informal) The state of the Earth's oceans at a very early time in the planet's history, during the early development of multicellular organisms.

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PRIMORDIAL, adjective. Having existed from the beginning; in an earliest or original stage or state; "aboriginal forests"; "primal eras before the appearance of life on earth"; "the forest primeval"; "primordial matter"; "primordial forms of life".

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