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UNITY, noun. (uncountable) Oneness; the state or fact of being one undivided entity.
UNITY, noun. A single undivided thing, seen as complete in itself.
UNITY, noun. (drama) Any of the three classical rules of drama (unity of action, unity of place, and unity of time).
UNITY, noun. (mathematics) Any element of a set or field that behaves under a given operation as the number 1 behaves under multiplication.
UNITY, noun. (legal) The peculiar characteristics of an estate held by several in joint tenancy.
UNITY, noun. (Quakerism) The form of consensus in a Quaker meeting for business which signals that a decision has been reached. In order to achieve unity, everyone who does not agree with the decision must explicitly stand aside, possibly being recorded in the minutes as doing so.
UNITY, proper noun. A female given name.
UNITY, proper noun. A town in Maine
UNITY, proper noun. A town in New Hampshire
UNITY, proper noun. A city in Oregon
UNITY, proper noun. A town in Saskatchewan, Canada
UNITY, proper noun. A village and two towns in Wisconsin
UNITY OF TIME, noun. (literature) The classical unity that states that the action of a play should take place over no more than 24 hours

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UNITY, noun. An undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting; "the integrity of the nervous system is required for normal development"; "he took measures to insure the territorial unity of Croatia".
UNITY, noun. The smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number; "he has the one but will need a two and three to go with it"; "they had lunch at one".
UNITY, noun. The quality of being united into one.

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