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SOCIALIST, adjective. Of, promoting, practicing, or characteristic of socialism.
SOCIALIST, noun. One who practices or advocates socialism.
SOCIALIST, adjective. Of, belonging to, or constituting a party or political group that advocates socialism.
SOCIALIST, noun. A member of a party or political group that advocates socialism.
SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA, proper noun. The Yugoslav state that existed from 1943 until 1992 (abbreviation SFRY)
SOCIALIST REALISM, noun. (arts) A Stalinist idealization of the dictatorship of the proletariat applied to art that used realistic techniques to show the struggle for socialism in a positive and optimistic manner
SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM, proper noun. Official name of the country popularly known as Vietnam. Abbreviation: SRV.

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SOCIALIST, noun. A political advocate of socialism.
SOCIALIST, adjective. Advocating or following the socialist principles; "socialistic government".

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