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LIBERTARIAN, noun. One who advocates liberty either generally or on a specific issue, e.g. "civil libertarian" (in favor of civil liberties).
LIBERTARIAN, noun. (chiefly US) A believer in a political doctrine that emphasizes individual liberty and a lack of governmental regulation and oversight both in matters of the economy ('free market') and in personal behavior where no one's rights are being violated or threatened. Also 'classical liberal', akin to 'anarcho-capitalist'.
LIBERTARIAN, noun. (chiefly US) A member of a political party that emphasizes self-government in economic and personal issues.
LIBERTARIAN, noun. (chiefly Europe) A left-libertarian, an antiauthoritarian believer in both individual freedom and social justice (social equality and mutual aid), such as a social anarchist.
LIBERTARIAN, noun. (philosophy) A believer in thinking beings' freedom to choose their own destiny, i.e. a believer in free will as opposed to those who believe the future is predetermined.
LIBERTARIAN, adjective. Having the beliefs of libertarians; having a relative tendency towards liberty.
LIBERTARIAN, adjective. (dated) Relating to liberty, or to the doctrine of free will, as opposed to the doctrine of necessity.
LIBERTARIAN, noun. (politics) A member of a political party or movement that uses the term "Libertarian" in its name (e.g., the Libertarian Party of the United States); one who is likely to support policies that are libertarian.
LIBERTARIAN, adjective. (politics) Of, or pertaining, to the Libertarian Party in the United States.
LIBERTARIAN COMMUNISM, noun. Anarcho-communism
LIBERTARIAN COMMUNIST, adjective. Anarcho-communist
LIBERTARIAN COMMUNIST, noun. Anarcho-communist
LIBERTARIAN COMMUNISTS, noun. Plural of libertarian communist
LIBERTARIAN SOCIALISM, noun. Any of a group of political philosophies dedicated to opposing coercive forms of authority and social hierarchy, prominent examples being capitalism and the State; especially one that encourages the direct seizure by the people of the means of production with the aim of moving toward the creation of a radical direct democracy.

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LIBERTARIAN, noun. An advocate of libertarianism.
LIBERTARIAN, noun. Someone who believes the doctrine of free will.

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