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ENDORSE, verb. To support, to back, to give one's approval to, especially officially or by signature.
ENDORSE, verb. To write one's signature on the back of a cheque, or other negotiable instrument, when transferring it to a third party, or cashing it.
ENDORSE, verb. To give an endorsement.
ENDORSE, noun. (heraldiccharge) A diminutive of the pale, usually appearing in pairs on either side of a pale.

Dictionary definition

ENDORSE, verb. Be behind; approve of; "He plumped for the Labor Party"; "I backed Kennedy in 1960".
ENDORSE, verb. Give support or one's approval to; "I'll second that motion"; "I can't back this plan"; "endorse a new project".
ENDORSE, verb. Guarantee as meeting a certain standard; "certified grade AAA meat".
ENDORSE, verb. Sign as evidence of legal transfer; "endorse cheques".

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