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EDITORIAL, adjective. Of or relating to an editor, editing or an editorial.
EDITORIAL, adjective. (fashion) Appropriate for high fashion magazines.
EDITORIAL, noun. An article in a publication giving the opinion of its editors on a given topic or current event.
EDITORIAL, noun. A similar commentary on radio or television.
EDITORIAL CARTOON, noun. An illustration containing a commentary that usually relates to current events or personalities.
EDITORIAL CARTOONIST, noun. A person who creates editorial cartoons.
EDITORIAL CARTOONISTS, noun. Plural of editorial cartoonist
EDITORIAL CARTOONS, noun. Plural of editorial cartoon
EDITORIAL WE, noun. The first-person plural pronoun used by an editor or other spokesperson when speaking with the authority of their publication, profession, organisation or company.

Dictionary definition

EDITORIAL, noun. An article giving opinions or perspectives.
EDITORIAL, adjective. Of or relating to an article stating opinions or giving perspectives; "editorial column".
EDITORIAL, adjective. Relating to or characteristic of an editor; "editorial duties".

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