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STAFF, noun. (plural staffs or staves) A long, straight stick, especially one used to assist in walking.
STAFF, noun. (music) (plural staves) A series of horizontal lines on which musical notes are written.
STAFF, noun. (plural staff) The employees of a business.
STAFF, noun. (uncountable) A mixture of plaster and fibre used as a temporary exterior wall covering.W
STAFF, noun. A pole, stick, or wand borne as an ensign of authority; a badge of office.
STAFF, noun. A pole upon which a flag is supported and displayed.
STAFF, noun. (archaic) The rung of a ladder.
STAFF, noun. A series of verses so disposed that, when it is concluded, the same order begins again; a stanza; a stave.
STAFF, noun. (engineering) An arbor, as of a wheel or a pinion of a watch.
STAFF, noun. (surgery) The grooved director for the gorget, or knife, used in cutting for stone in the bladder.
STAFF, noun. (military) An establishment of officers in various departments attached to an army, to a section of an army, or to the commander of an army. The general's staff consists of those officers about his person who are employed in carrying his commands into execution.
STAFF, verb. (transitive) to supply (a business) with employees
STAFF ANGLE, noun. (architecture) A square rod of wood standing flush with the wall on each of its sides, at the external angles of plastering, to prevent their being damaged.
STAFF FUNCTION, noun. (management) Any secondary business activity that supports the line functions of a business, but does not directly affect customers or profits
STAFF FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of staff function
STAFF OF LIFE, noun. Bread, or some other staple foodstuff.
STAFF OFFICER, noun. (military) An officer that fulfills a non-combat support function, often in a headquarters or planning office.
STAFF OFFICERS, noun. Plural of staff officer
STAFF SERGEANT, noun. A non-commissioned officer in the armed forces of several countries, ranking above a sergeant. (Sometimes abbreviated to "staff").
STAFF SERGEANT, noun. (British) (Army) A non-commissioned officer in the British Army, ranking above a sergeant and below a warrant officer class 2.
STAFF SERGEANT, noun. (US) (Army) A non-commissioned officer in the United States Army, ranking above sergeant and below sergeant first class.
STAFF SERGEANT, noun. (US) (Marines) A non-commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps, ranking above sergeant and below gunnery sergeant.
STAFF SERGEANT, noun. (US) (Air Force) A non-commissioned officer in United States Air Force, ranking above senior airman and below technical sergeant.
STAFF SERGEANTS, noun. Plural of staff sergeant
STAFF SLING, noun. A weapon consisting of a short sling at the end of a staff.
STAFF TREE, noun. Any of the genus Celastrus of shrubs and vines.
STAFF UP, verb. To hire new staff

Dictionary definition

STAFF, noun. Personnel who assist their superior in carrying out an assigned task; "the hospital has an excellent nursing staff"; "the general relied on his staff to make routine decisions".
STAFF, noun. A strong rod or stick with a specialized utilitarian purpose; "he walked with the help of a wooden staff".
STAFF, noun. The body of teachers and administrators at a school; "the dean addressed the letter to the entire staff of the university".
STAFF, noun. Building material consisting of plaster and hair; used to cover external surfaces of temporary structure (as at an exposition) or for decoration.
STAFF, noun. A rod carried as a symbol.
STAFF, noun. (music) the system of five horizontal lines on which the musical notes are written.
STAFF, verb. Provide with staff; "This position is not always staffed".
STAFF, verb. Serve on the staff of; "The two men staff the reception desk".

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