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MARSHAL, proper noun. An English and Scottish status surname​ for someone who was in charge of the horses of a royal household, or an occupational surname for someone who looked after horses, or was responsible for the custody of prisoners.
MARSHAL, proper noun. A male given name, transferred use of the surname since nineteenth century.
MARSHAL, noun. A high-ranking officer in the household of a medieval prince or lord, who was originally in charge of the cavalry and later the military forces in general.
MARSHAL, noun. A military officer of the highest rank in several countries, including France and the former Soviet Union; equivalent to a general of the army in the United States. See also field marshal.
MARSHAL, noun. A person in charge of the ceremonial arrangement and management of a gathering.
MARSHAL, noun. (US) A federal lawman.
MARSHAL, verb. To arrange troops etc. in line for inspection or a parade.
MARSHAL, verb. (by extension) To arrange facts etc. in some methodical order.
MARSHAL, verb. To ceremoniously guide, conduct or usher.
MARSHAL, verb. To gather data for transmission.
MARSHAL ART, noun. Misspelling of martial art.
MARSHAL LAW, noun. Misspelling of martial law.

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MARSHAL, noun. A law officer having duties similar to those of a sheriff in carrying out the judgments of a court of law.
MARSHAL, noun. (in some countries) a military officer of highest rank.
MARSHAL, verb. Place in proper rank; "marshal the troops".
MARSHAL, verb. Arrange in logical order; "marshal facts or arguments".
MARSHAL, verb. Make ready for action or use; "marshal resources".
MARSHAL, verb. Lead ceremoniously, as in a procession.

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