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SWELL, verb. (intransitive) To become bigger, especially due to being engorged.
SWELL, verb. (transitive) To cause to become bigger.
SWELL, verb. (intransitive) To grow gradually in force or loudness.
SWELL, verb. (transitive) To raise to arrogance; to puff up; to inflate.
SWELL, verb. (intransitive) To be raised to arrogance.
SWELL, verb. To be elated; to rise arrogantly.
SWELL, verb. To be turgid, bombastic, or extravagant.
SWELL, verb. To protuberate; to bulge out.
SWELL, noun. The act of swelling.
SWELL, noun. Increase of power in style, or of rhetorical force.
SWELL, noun. A long series of ocean waves, generally produced by wind, and lasting after the wind has ceased.
SWELL, noun. (music) A gradual crescendo followed by diminuendo.
SWELL, noun. (music) A device for controlling the volume of a pipe organ.
SWELL, noun. (music) A division in a pipe organ, usually the largest enclosed division.
SWELL, noun. A hillock or similar raised area of terrain.
SWELL, noun. (informal) A person who is dressed in a fancy or elegant manner.
SWELL, noun. (informal) A person of high social standing; an important person.
SWELL, adjective. (US) (informal) (now somewhat dated or ironic) Excellent.
SWELL BOX, noun. A box or chamber in an organ that contains the reeds or a set of pipes and has shutters that open or shut usually by means of a pedal in order to regulate the volume of musical tone.
SWELL MOB, noun. (archaic) (slang) Well-dressed thieves and swindlers, regarded collectively.
SWELL ORGAN, noun. A division in a pipe organ in which the pipes are enclosed in a swell box
SWELL UP, verb. (idiomatic) To become swollen

Dictionary definition

SWELL, noun. The undulating movement of the surface of the open sea.
SWELL, noun. A rounded elevation (especially one on an ocean floor).
SWELL, noun. A crescendo followed by a decrescendo.
SWELL, noun. A man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance.
SWELL, verb. Increase in size, magnitude, number, or intensity; "The music swelled to a crescendo".
SWELL, verb. Become filled with pride, arrogance, or anger; "The mother was swelling with importance when she spoke of her son".
SWELL, verb. Expand abnormally; "The bellies of the starving children are swelling".
SWELL, verb. Come up (as of feelings and thoughts, or other ephemeral things); "Strong emotions welled up"; "Smoke swelled from it".
SWELL, verb. Come up, as of a liquid; "Tears well in her eyes"; "the currents well up".
SWELL, verb. Cause to become swollen; "The water swells the wood".
SWELL, adjective. Very good; "he did a bully job"; "a neat sports car"; "had a great time at the party"; "you look simply smashing".

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