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SAIL, noun. (nautical) A piece of fabric attached to a boat and arranged such that it causes the wind to drive the boat along. The sail may be attached to the boat via a combination of mast, spars and ropes.
SAIL, noun. (uncountable) The power harnessed by a sail or sails, or the use this power for travel or transport.
SAIL, noun. A trip in a boat, especially a sailboat.
SAIL, noun. (dated) A sailing vessel; a vessel of any kind; a craft. Plural sail.
SAIL, noun. The blade of a windmill.
SAIL, noun. A tower-like structure found on the dorsal (topside) surface of submarines.
SAIL, noun. The floating organ of siphonophores, such as the Portuguese man-of-war.
SAIL, noun. (fishing) A sailfish.
SAIL, noun. (paleontology) an outward projection of the spine, occurring in certain dinosaurs and synapsids
SAIL, noun. Anything resembling a sail, such as a wing.
SAIL, verb. To be impelled or driven forward by the action of wind upon sails, as a ship on water; to be impelled on a body of water by steam or other power.
SAIL, verb. To move through or on the water; to swim, as a fish or a waterfowl.
SAIL, verb. To ride in a boat, especially a sailboat.
SAIL, verb. To set sail; to begin a voyage.
SAIL, verb. To move briskly and gracefully through the air.
SAIL, verb. To move briskly.
SAIL CLOSE TO THE WIND, verb. (nautical) To sail in a direction close to that from which the wind is blowing, but still making headway
SAIL CLOSE TO THE WIND, verb. (idiomatic) To behave in a manner that is on the verge of being dangerous, improper or illegal
SAIL COAT, noun. (nautical) A canvas cover laced over furled sails etc. to keep them dry and clean.
SAIL CURVE, noun. (geometry) A catenary-generated curve in the form of a cross-section of a sail filled by wind.
SAIL FINE, verb. (nautical) To sail as close to the wind as possible.
SAIL THROUGH, verb. To pass or progress quickly and easily.

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SAIL, noun. A large piece of fabric (usually canvas fabric) by means of which wind is used to propel a sailing vessel.
SAIL, noun. An ocean trip taken for pleasure.
SAIL, noun. Any structure that resembles a sail.
SAIL, verb. Traverse or travel on (a body of water); "We sailed the Atlantic"; "He sailed the Pacific all alone".
SAIL, verb. Move with sweeping, effortless, gliding motions; "The diva swept into the room"; "Shreds of paper sailed through the air"; "The searchlights swept across the sky".
SAIL, verb. Travel on water propelled by wind; "I love sailing, especially on the open sea"; "the ship sails on".
SAIL, verb. Travel on water propelled by wind or by other means; "The QE2 will sail to Southampton tomorrow".

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