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CANOE, noun. A small long and narrow boat, propelled by one or more people (depending on the size of canoe), using single-bladed paddles. The paddlers face in the direction of travel, in either a seated position, or kneeling on the bottom of the boat. Canoes are open on top, and pointed at both ends.
CANOE, noun. (slang) An oversize, usually older, luxury car.
CANOE, verb. To ride or paddle a canoe.
CANOE BIRCH, noun. Paper birch, Betula papyrifera.
CANOE PLANT, noun. Any of various plants taken from ancient Polynesia and transplanted to other Pacific islands.
CANOE PLANTS, noun. Plural of canoe plant

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CANOE, noun. Small and light boat; pointed at both ends; propelled with a paddle.
CANOE, verb. Travel by canoe; "canoe along the canal".

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