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RIVER, noun. A large and often winding stream which drains a land mass, carrying water down from higher areas to a lower point, ending at an ocean or in an inland sea.
RIVER, noun. Any large flow of a liquid in a single body.
RIVER, noun. (poker) The last card dealt in a hand.
RIVER, verb. (poker) To improve one’s hand to beat another player on the final card in a poker game.
RIVER, noun. One who rives or splits.
RIVER, proper noun. A male given name.
RIVER, proper noun. A female given name.
RIVER, proper noun. (rare) A surname​.
RIVER BANK, noun. The lateral edge of a river.
RIVER BANKS, noun. Plural of river bank
RIVER BASIN, noun. (geography) An extent of land where water from rain or snow melt drains downhill into a river or series of rivers.
RIVER BASINS, noun. Plural of river basin
RIVER BED, noun. Alternative form of riverbed
RIVER BEDS, noun. Plural of river bed
RIVER BIRCH, noun. Betula nigra
RIVER BIRCHES, noun. Plural of river birch
RIVER BLINDNESS, noun. Onchocerciasis.
RIVER CRAB, noun. A Chinese mitten crab.
RIVER CRAB, noun. (Internet slang) Government censorship. Used by Chinese netizens.
RIVER GOD, noun. (mythology) The tutelary deity of a river.
RIVER GODS, noun. Plural of river god
RIVER GUM, noun. Any of various eucalypts that grow on riverbanks, especially the red gum, Eucalyptus camaldulensis.
RIVER HORSE, noun. (poetic) hippopotamus
RIVER HORSES, noun. Plural of river horse
RIVER LAMPREY, noun. A common name for European river lamprey, Lampetra fluviatilis.
RIVER LAMPREYS, noun. Plural of river lamprey
RIVER OATS, noun. Chasmanthium latifolium, native to central and southeastern United States.
RIVER PLATE, proper noun. A river in South America, now more commonly called the Rio de la Plata.
RIVER RAT, noun. (literally) A rat that lives on or along a river.
RIVER RAT, noun. (chiefly pejorative) A lower-class person living on or along a river.
RIVER RAT, noun. (chiefly pejorative) A poker player that wins a Texas Hold'em hand by making the winning hand on the river card.
RIVER RATS, noun. Plural of river rat
RIVER RUNNER, noun. (chiefly US) A raft, kayak, or similar watercraft used especially for traveling with the current of a river in a swift manner.
RIVER RUNNER, noun. (chiefly US) A person who uses such a watercraft.
RIVER RUNNER, noun. (chiefly US) A recreational or commercial boat used for regular operation on a riverway.
RIVER RUNNER, noun. (chiefly US) A person who is an experienced worker or traveler on a riverway.
RIVER TURTLE, noun. Any marine turtle that inhabits rivers.
RIVER TURTLES, noun. Plural of river turtle
RIVER WAY, noun. Alternative form of riverway

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RIVER, noun. A large natural stream of water (larger than a creek); "the river was navigable for 50 miles".

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