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TIDAL, adjective. Relating to tides
TIDAL AIR, noun. The (volume of) air that is inhaled and exhaled with each resting breath
TIDAL BORE, noun. A wave, in the form of a wall of water, formed by an incoming tide funneling into an estuary
TIDAL CURRENT, noun. (nautical) The flow of water caused by the rise and fall of the tide.
TIDAL CURRENTS, noun. Plural of tidal current
TIDAL DIAMOND, noun. (nautical) (navigation) A diamond-shaped symbol on a chart, indicating the direction and speed of tidal streams
TIDAL DIAMONDS, noun. Plural of tidal diamond
TIDAL ENERGIES, noun. Plural of tidal energy
TIDAL ENERGY, noun. (physics) The energy contained in a tide flowing in or out of an estuary or similar enclosed place, especially that part of the energy that can be converted to electricity.
TIDAL FORCE, noun. (physics) any of various gravitational forces acting on a body caused by variation in the distance between it and a source of a gravitational field; such forces due to the Moon are responsible for tides
TIDAL FORCES, noun. Plural of tidal force
TIDAL ISLAND, noun. A piece of land that is connected to the mainland at low tide but separated at high tide.
TIDAL ISLANDS, noun. Plural of tidal island
TIDAL LOCK, noun. (astronomy) Alternative form of tidal locking
TIDAL LOCKING, noun. (astronomy) The locking of the rotation of a satellite (moon or planet) to its orbit, such that one side always faces the body around which it is orbiting.
TIDAL LOCKS, noun. Plural of tidal lock
TIDAL POWER, noun. Tidal energy
TIDAL RIVER, noun. A river that enters a sea or estuary and is this affected by tides; at times, water will flow upstream
TIDAL STREAM, noun. (nautical) The flow of the water caused by rising and falling tide
TIDAL TRAIN, noun. A railway train service which was scheduled to arrive and depart to make connections with steamships which tended to arrive and depart according to the tides
TIDAL VOLUME, noun. The amount of air breathed in or out during normal respiration.
TIDAL VOLUMES, noun. Plural of tidal volume
TIDAL WAVE, noun. A large and sudden rise and fall in the tide.
TIDAL WAVE, noun. (proscribed) A large, sudden, and disastrous wave of water caused by a tremendous disturbance in the ocean; a tsunami. (See Usage notes below.)
TIDAL WAVE, noun. (figuratively) A sudden and powerful surge.
TIDAL WAVE, noun. (archaic) A crest of ocean water; a wave.
TIDAL WAVE, noun. (oceanography) A crest of ocean water resulting from tidal forces.
TIDAL WAVES, noun. Plural of tidal wave

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TIDAL, adjective. Of or relating to or caused by tides; "tidal wave".

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