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LUNAR, adjective. Of, or pertaining to, the Moon; moonly.
LUNAR, adjective. Crescent-shaped, lunate.
LUNAR, adjective. Resembling the moon; orbed.
LUNAR, adjective. Influenced by the moon, as in growth, character, or properties.
LUNAR, adjective. (alchemy) Of, or pertaining to, silver.
LUNAR, noun. (astronomy) A lunar distance.
LUNAR, noun. (anatomy) The middle bone of the proximal series of the carpus.
LUNAR CALENDAR, noun. A calendar that measures the passage of the year according to the phases of the moon, as opposed to the revolution of the earth around the sun; a calendar of the lunar year
LUNAR CATACLYSM, proper noun. (astronomy) A period of time, approximately 4 billion years ago, during which a large number of impact craters formed on Earth's Moon.
LUNAR CAUSTIC, noun. (chemistry) (obsolete) silver nitrate prepared for use as a cautery
LUNAR DISTANCE, noun. (astronomy) A measurement of the distance from the Earth to the Moon.
LUNAR ECLIPSE, noun. (astronomy) A phenomenon occurring when the Earth casts a shadow over the Moon.
LUNAR ECLIPSES, noun. Plural of lunar eclipse
LUNAR LIFEBOAT, noun. (space sciences) In the US Apollo moon program, a lunar module repurposed as a makeshift shelter for an astronaut crew returning to earth after a mishap necessitating cancellation of a moon landing; the emergency procedure of using the lunar module in this manner.
LUNAR MANSION, noun. (astronomy) (astrology) a segment of the ecliptic (often called a station or house) through which the moon moves in its orbit around the earth, often used by ancient cultures as part of their calendar system.
LUNAR MODULE, noun. (astronautics) The spacecraft used in the Apollo missions that was designed for the landing on the surface of the Moon; the lunar excursion module.
LUNAR MODULES, noun. Plural of lunar module
LUNAR MONTH, noun. A period from one new moon until the next.
LUNAR MONTH, noun. A synodic month of approximately 29.53 days, measured from a lunar phase until the return of that same phase.
LUNAR MONTH, noun. A sidereal month of approximately 27.32 days, the length of time taken by the moon in its orbit about the Earth to return to the same point as viewed against the background of stars.
LUNAR OCCULTATION, noun. (astronomy) The passage of the Moon, as it moves through the nighttime sky, in front of a celestial object, such as a star or planet.
LUNAR ORBIT, noun. The orbit of an object around the moon.
LUNAR ORBITS, noun. Plural of lunar orbit
LUNAR PHASE, noun. (astronomy) Any one of the aspects or appearances presented by the moon as seen from Earth.
LUNAR PHASES, noun. Plural of lunar phase
LUNAR YEAR, noun. A year determined by a certain number of phases of the moon, as opposed to the passage of the earth around the sun
LUNAR YEARS, noun. Plural of lunar year

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LUNAR, adjective. Of or relating to or associated with the moon; "lunar surface"; "lunar module".

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