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RENDEZVOUS, noun. A meeting or date.
RENDEZVOUS, noun. An agreement to meet; a location or time agreed upon to meet.
RENDEZVOUS, noun. A place appointed for a meeting, or at which persons customarily meet.
RENDEZVOUS, noun. (military) The appointed place for troops, or for the ships of a fleet, to assemble; also, a place for enlistment.
RENDEZVOUS, noun. (obsolete) retreat; refuge
RENDEZVOUS, verb. To meet at an agreed time and place.

Dictionary definition

RENDEZVOUS, noun. A meeting planned at a certain time and place.
RENDEZVOUS, noun. A place where people meet; "he was waiting for them at the rendezvous".
RENDEZVOUS, noun. A date; usually with a member of the opposite sex.
RENDEZVOUS, verb. Meet at a rendezvous.

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