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CARGO, noun. Freight carried by a ship, aircraft etc.
CARGO, noun. (Papua New Guinea) Western material goods.
CARGO BIKE, noun. A bicycle specially designed for carrying large or heavy loads, first introduced in Denmark.
CARGO BIKES, noun. Plural of cargo bike
CARGO BIN, noun. The compartment on a plane used to store luggage that will not safely fit in the passenger cabin.
CARGO BINS, noun. Plural of cargo bin
CARGO CULT, noun. Any of several unorthodox religious movements among the people of Melanesia based upon Western manufactured goods.
CARGO CULT, noun. (figuratively) Any of several philosophies or pseudosciences that are not rooted in experiment
CARGO CULT SCIENCE, noun. Practices which have the appearance of being scientific, but do not actually follow the scientific method.
CARGO CULTS, noun. Plural of cargo cult
CARGO HOLD, noun. (nautical) A hold on a ship (a ship's hold includes the forehold and stern hold), used to store cargo during a voyage.
CARGO HOLDS, noun. Plural of cargo hold
CARGO JACK, noun. (obsolete) (nautical) a large screw jack used to stow a cargo (such as hides or cotton) by compressing them into a smaller volume
CARGO NET, noun. (nautical) a large square net, made of rope, used to sling cargo into and out of a ship's hold
CARGO PALLET, noun. (nautical) a flat wooden tray used for hoisting cargo into and out of a ship's hold
CARGO PANTS, noun. Pants (trousers) designed for outdoor activities, having many pockets.
CARGO SHIP, noun. A ship that carries cargo.
CARGO SHIPS, noun. Plural of cargo ship
CARGO SHORTS, noun. A type of casual short trousers.
CARGO VESSEL, noun. (nautical) Any vessel designed to carry cargo
CARGO VESSELS, noun. Plural of cargo vessel

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CARGO, noun. Goods carried by a large vehicle.

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