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DOCKING, verb. Present participle of dock
DOCKING, noun. The process of cutting off or trimming the tail or ears of an animal.
DOCKING, noun. The securing of a vessel to the quayside with cables
DOCKING, noun. (spacecraft) The process of connecting one spacecraft to another.
DOCKING, noun. (colloquial) (LGBT) The sex act involving two men co-joined by their penises, with overlapping foreskins, coupling them together by their penises.
DOCKING STATION, noun. (computing) A piece of hardware into which a laptop computer can be plugged for use as a desktop computer, peripherals such as the monitor being connected directly to the docking station.
DOCKING STATIONS, noun. Plural of docking station

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DOCKING, noun. The act of securing an arriving vessel with ropes.

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