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HUB, noun. The central part, usually cylindrical, of a wheel; the nave.
HUB, noun. A point where many routes meet and traffic is distributed, dispensed or diverted.
HUB, noun. (computing) A computer networking device connecting several ethernet ports. See switch.
HUB, noun. (surveying) A stake with a nail in it, used to mark a temporary point.
HUB, noun. A male weasel; a buck; a dog; a jack.
HUB, noun. (obsolete) The hilt of a weapon.
HUB, noun. (US) A rough protuberance or projecting obstruction.
HUB, noun. A goal or mark at which quoits, etc., are thrown.
HUB, noun. A hardened, engraved steel punch for impressing a device upon a die, used in coining, etc.
HUB, noun. A screw hob.
HUB, noun. A block for scotching a wheel.
HUB CAP, noun. Alternative spelling of hubcap
HUB PLANK, noun. A horizontal guard plank along the truss of a highway bridge, at the height of a wagon-wheel hub.
HUB PLANKS, noun. Plural of hub plank
HUB WORLD, noun. (video games) An area in a video game from which all other levels in the game are accessed.
HUB WORLDS, noun. Plural of hub world

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HUB, noun. The central part of a car wheel (or fan or propeller etc) through which the shaft or axle passes.
HUB, noun. A center of activity or interest or commerce or transportation; a focal point around which events revolve; "the playground is the hub of parental supervision"; "the airport is the economic hub of the area".

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