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RAIL, noun. A horizontal bar extending between supports and used for support or as a barrier; a railing.
RAIL, noun. The metal bar that makes the track for a railroad.
RAIL, noun. A railroad; a railway, as a means of transportation.
RAIL, noun. A horizontal piece of wood that serves to separate sections of a door or window.
RAIL, noun. (surfing) One of the lengthwise edges of a surfboard.
RAIL, verb. (intransitive) To travel by railway.
RAIL, verb. (transitive) To enclose with rails or a railing.
RAIL, verb. (transitive) To range in a line.
RAIL, noun. Any of several birds in the family Rallidae.
RAIL, verb. To complain violently (against, about).
RAIL, noun. (obsolete) An item of clothing; a cloak or other garment; a dress.
RAIL, noun. (obsolete) Specifically, a woman's headscarf or neckerchief.
RAIL, verb. (obsolete) To gush, flow (of liquid).
RAIL CAR, noun. Alternative spelling of railcar
RAIL CARS, noun. Plural of rail car
RAIL GUN, noun. Alternative spelling of railgun
RAIL GUNS, noun. Plural of rail gun
RAIL HAIL, noun. (slang) Hail accelerated to high speeds by heavy winds.
RAIL HEAD, noun. (rail transport) The top part of a railway rail; the part of the rail the wheel runs on.
RAIL HEADS, noun. Plural of rail head
RAIL SHOOTER, noun. (video games) A shoot 'em up game in which the player character travels automatically between scenes, the player's input being limited to aiming and firing a gun.
RAIL SHOOTERS, noun. Plural of rail shooter
RAIL TRACK, noun. The parallel steel rails on which a train runs.
RAIL TRACKS, noun. Plural of rail track
RAIL TRAIN, noun. (iron and steel manufacture) A train of rolls in a rolling mill, for making rails for railroads from blooms or billets.
RAIL TRANSPORT, noun. The transport of passengers and goods by means of wheeled vehicles specially designed to run along railways or railroads.
RAIL VEHICLE, noun. (UK) railroad car
RAIL VEHICLES, noun. Plural of rail vehicle
RAIL YARD, noun. A complex of branching railway lines and other infrastructure in which locomotives and rolling stock are stored and rearranged.

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RAIL, noun. A barrier consisting of a horizontal bar and supports.
RAIL, noun. Short for railway; "he traveled by rail"; "he was concerned with rail safety".
RAIL, noun. A bar or pair of parallel bars of rolled steel making the railway along which railroad cars or other vehicles can roll.
RAIL, noun. A horizontal bar (usually of wood or metal).
RAIL, noun. Any of numerous widely distributed small wading birds of the family Rallidae having short wings and very long toes for running on soft mud.
RAIL, verb. Complain bitterly.
RAIL, verb. Enclose with rails; "rail in the old graves".
RAIL, verb. Provide with rails; "The yard was railed".
RAIL, verb. Separate with a railing; "rail off the crowds from the Presidential palace".
RAIL, verb. Convey (goods etc.) by rails; "fresh fruit are railed from Italy to Belgium".
RAIL, verb. Travel by rail or train; "They railed from Rome to Venice"; "She trained to Hamburg".
RAIL, verb. Lay with rails; "hundreds of miles were railed out here".
RAIL, verb. Fish with a handline over the rails of a boat; "They are railing for fresh fish".
RAIL, verb. Spread negative information about; "The Nazi propaganda vilified the Jews".
RAIL, verb. Criticize severely; "He fulminated against the Republicans' plan to cut Medicare"; "She railed against the bad social policies".

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