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FENCE, noun. A thin, human-constructed barrier which separates two pieces of land or a house perimeter.
FENCE, noun. A middleman for transactions of stolen goods.
FENCE, noun. The place whence such a middleman operates.
FENCE, noun. Skill in oral debate.
FENCE, noun. The art or practice of fencing.
FENCE, noun. A guard or guide on machinery.
FENCE, noun. (figuratively) A barrier, for example an emotional barrier.
FENCE, noun. (computing) (programming) A memory barrier.
FENCE, verb. (transitive) To enclose, contain or separate by building fence.
FENCE, verb. (transitive) To defend or guard.
FENCE, verb. (transitive) To engage in the selling or buying of stolen goods.
FENCE, verb. (intransitive) (sports) To engage in (the sport) fencing.
FENCE, verb. (intransitive) (equestrianism) To jump over a fence.
FENCE IN, verb. To enclose with a fence.
FENCE IN, verb. (idiomatic) (by extension) To restrict freedom.
FENCE LIZARD, noun. Any of several species of North American lizards in the genus Sceloporus, especially the eastern fence lizard, Sceloporus undulatus, the western fence lizard Sceloporus occidentalis, and the southwestern fence lizard, Sceloporus cowlesii
FENCE LIZARDS, noun. Plural of fence lizard
FENCE MONTH, noun. (colloquial) (dated) The month in which female deer are fawning, when hunting is prohibited.
FENCE MONTHS, noun. Plural of fence month
FENCE OFF, verb. To enclose an area within a fence.
FENCE SITTER, noun. One who takes neither side of an argument or controversy, but maintains a neutral position.
FENCE SITTER, noun. (potentially offensive) One who is bisexual, or who is uncertain about his or her sexual orientation.
FENCE THE TABLES, verb. (Scotland) (religion) To make a solemn address to those who present themselves to commune at the Lord's supper, on the feelings appropriate to the service, in order to hinder, so far as possible, those who are unworthy from approaching the table.
FENCE TIME, noun. The breeding time of fish or game, when they should not be killed.

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FENCE, noun. A barrier that serves to enclose an area.
FENCE, noun. A dealer in stolen property.
FENCE, verb. Enclose with a fence; "we fenced in our yard".
FENCE, verb. Receive stolen goods.
FENCE, verb. Fight with fencing swords.
FENCE, verb. Surround with a wall in order to fortify.
FENCE, verb. Have an argument about something.

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