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BARN, noun. (agriculture) A building, often found on a farm, used for storage or keeping animals such as cattle.
BARN, noun. (nuclear physics) A unit of surface area equal to 10-28 square metres.
BARN, noun. (informal) (Canada) (ice hockey) An arena.
BARN, verb. (transitive) To lay up in a barn.
BARN, noun. (dialect) (parts of Northern England) A child.
BARN BURNER, noun. Alternative form of barnburner
BARN BURNERS, noun. Plural of barn burner
BARN DANCE, noun. A type of set step routine dancing, such as square dance
BARN DANCE, verb. To take part in barn dancing.
BARN DOOR, noun. The large door of a barn.
BARN DOOR, noun. (humorous) Something large enough that a miss ought to be impossible.
BARN DOOR, noun. (euphemism) (humorous) The groin area of a pair of pants.
BARN DOOR, noun. (climbing) An off-balance pivot on two points of contact.
BARN DOORS, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see barn,‎ doors.
BARN DOORS, noun. (filmmaking) Four hinged metal slats that come (or are attachable) on the front of cinema lights, used for shaping light and fastening light gels.
BARN FIND, noun. (idiomatic) A valuable item recovered from an undeserving storage, usually in the countryside, where it lay more or less forgotten, especially vintage automobiles (Ferrari, Porsche, etc.)
BARN FINDS, noun. Plural of barn find
BARN OWL, noun. An owl of the genus Tyto, often having a white face and commonly found in barns and other farm buildings.
BARN OWLS, noun. Plural of barn owl
BARN STAR, noun. Alternative spelling of barnstar
BARN SWALLOW, noun. Hirundo rustica, the most widespread species of swallow in the world; a distinctive passerine bird with blue upperparts, a long, deeply forked tail and curved, pointed wings, is found in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.
BARN SWALLOWS, noun. Plural of barn swallow

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BARN, noun. An outlying farm building for storing grain or animal feed and housing farm animals.
BARN, noun. (physics) a unit of nuclear cross section; the effective circular area that one particle presents to another as a target for an encounter.

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