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CIDER, noun. (British) (Irish) (Australia) (NZ) An alcoholic, sparkling (carbonated) beverage made from fermented apples.
CIDER, noun. (US) A non-alcoholic still beverage consisting of the (usually unfiltered and still containing pulp) juice of early-harvest apples. (Without pulp such a beverage is called apple juice.)
CIDER, noun. (Australia) A non-alcoholic carbonated beverage made from apples.
CIDER, noun. (in Korea) (Japan) A non-alcoholic drink, normally carbonated; equivalent to soft drink.
CIDER, noun. (countable) A cup, glass, or serving of any of these beverages.
CIDER HOUSE, noun. (West of England) A public house that sells a selection of draught ciders rather than beer.

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CIDER, noun. A beverage made from juice pressed from apples.

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