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WINE, noun. An alcoholic beverage made by fermenting juice of grapes.
WINE, noun. An alcoholic beverage made by fermenting juice of fruits or vegetables other than grapes, usually preceded by the type of the fruit or vegetable; for example, "dandelion wine".
WINE, noun. (countable) A serving of wine.
WINE, noun. (uncountable) A dark purplish red colour; the colour of red wine.
WINE, verb. (transitive) To entertain with wine.
WINE, verb. (intransitive) To drink wine.
WINE, noun. (nonstandard) (British) wind
WINE ACID, noun. Tartaric acid
WINE AND DINE, verb. (transitive) To entertain someone to a fine meal.
WINE AND DINE, verb. (intransitive) To eat lavishly.
WINE BAR, noun. A drinking establishment where only wine is served.
WINE BARS, noun. Plural of wine bar
WINE BISCUIT, noun. A kind of sweet biscuit served with wine.
WINE BOTTLE, noun. A bottle (normally made of glass) for holding wine.
WINE BOTTLES, noun. Plural of wine bottle
WINE CELLAR, noun. An underground place for storing wine at a constant temperature
WINE CELLAR, noun. A collection of wine
WINE CELLARS, noun. Plural of wine cellar
WINE COOLER, noun. Any piece of equipment used to keep wine chilled.
WINE COOLER, noun. Drink made from a mixture of wine, fruit juice and soda water
WINE COOLERS, noun. Plural of wine cooler
WINE COOPER, noun. (dated) a person who samples, bottles and sells wine
WINE COOPERS, noun. Plural of wine cooper
WINE FLY, noun. Any of the genus Piophila of small two-winged flies.
WINE GLASS, noun. A glass vessel, normally with a stem, from which wine is drunk.
WINE GLASSES, noun. Plural of wine glass
WINE GRAPE, noun. A type of grape bred to be fermented into alcohol.
WINE GRAPES, noun. Plural of wine grape
WINE GUM, noun. A soft jelly lolly, usually brightly coloured and fruit flavoured.
WINE KEY, noun. A corkscrew
WINE KEYS, noun. Plural of wine key
WINE LIST, noun. A list of wines, usually with a small description, available at eg. a restaurant or bar.
WINE LISTS, noun. Plural of wine list
WINE MOTH, noun. An insect, of the genus Oinophila, whose larvae bore holes in the corks of wine bottles.
WINE MOTHS, noun. Plural of wine moth
WINE O'CLOCK, noun. (slang) (humorous) The time of the first glass of wine (or alcoholic beverage) of the day.
WINE OF OPIUM, noun. (medicine) (archaic) A solution of opium in aromatized sherry.
WINE PALM, noun. Any of several palms that have a sugary sap that can be fermented to produce palm wine; especially the fishtail palm (Caryota urens) and the palmyra palm (Borassus flabellifer).
WINE PALMS, noun. Plural of wine palm
WINE RACK, noun. A device that stores and organises wine.
WINE RACKS, noun. Plural of wine rack
WINE STONE, noun. A kind of crust deposited in wine casks.
WINE THIEF, noun. A pipette used to remove small amounts of wine from a cask in order to taste or test it
WINE TOSSER, noun. (slang) (idiomatic) A person who talks a great deal about wine but actually knows very little.
WINE TOSSER, noun. (slang) (idiomatic) A person who buys wine, but does not drink it.
WINE VAULT, noun. A vault where wine is stored.
WINE VAULT, noun. A place where wine is served at a bar, or at tables; a dramshop.
WINE VINEGAR, noun. Vinegar made from wine.
WINE VINEGARS, noun. Plural of wine vinegar
WINE WHEY, noun. Whey made from milk coagulated by the use of wine.

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WINE, noun. Fermented juice (of grapes especially).
WINE, noun. A red as dark as red wine.
WINE, verb. Drink wine.
WINE, verb. Treat to wine; "Our relatives in Italy wined and dined us for a week".

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